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Second Story Additions in LA to home bring solutions for a lot of problems. Maybe your children are growing. Or your parents will come to your home for permanent living. Therefore, if your home lacks space, adding a second story will be the best option. In LA, many people prefer this home improvement project when it comes to increasing their living space. But before taking this approach, one must learn a few crucial things about it. And that’s where this blog will help.

Here, you will come across significant information about the second-story additions in LA, which every homeowner should know. So, let’s delve into the following passage.

Why Add a Second Story to Your Home in L.A?

Go for this home improvement project due to the following reasons.

  • Increases Living Space

It’s one of the greatest advantages of adding a second story to a home. Most importantly, you need not move to another home due to the space issue. A second story addition will allow you to increase your living space with the ideas that suit your lifestyle. With more rooms, your family can live comfortably. Having an additional space means you can stay in your home forever. And enough space will be available in your home for a multi-generational household.

  • You Need Not Sacrifice Your Yard

This home improvement project will allow you to build on the top of the ground floor. You can increase your living space even on a small block. But you need not use your yard to extend the size of your living space.

As a result, you can enjoy your outdoor area with a pool, a beautiful garden, and an amazing playground for your kids and pets.

  • Enjoy Beautiful Views

A second story addition is a great way to enjoy the amazing views of your area. For instance, if your home is located near the ocean, you can enjoy its view from a window in a second story. And you need not go outside from your house for this amazing view. In the second story, you can also build a balcony where you can relax by looking at the pretty sights in front of you.

These are the reasons why many people prefer second-story additions in LA.

How Much Does It Cost for a Second Story Addition in LA?

A second story addition may cost around $100 to $300 per square foot. But several factors can influence the cost of second-story additions in LA.

The budget of this home improvement project majorly depends on what you want to achieve through this project. You may wish to have two bedrooms on this floor. Or you may want a bathroom, kitchen, and dining space.

In terms of a hillside lot, this project may take more time and cost more money. It requires a soil engineer to determine whether any additional foundation work needs to be done or not. If you want to get more ideas about the cost of this project, visit the Facebook pages of different contractors.

How Long Does It Take to Complete This Project?

According to home improvement contractors, building at least a bedroom and bathroom may take almost three to five months. Besides, there are many factors on which the timeline of this project depends on. It can be the county where your home is located.

If the addition is extensive, it may take almost twelve months.

Before starting this home improvement project, one should remember a few crucial things. Continue reading to explore these.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Second Storey Addition

Considering the following factors will help you get a perfect result.

  • Is Your Home Structurally Feasible?

Make sure your home is structurally feasible for a second-story addition. Otherwise, your house would not be able to bear the load capacity of a floor.

  • Design

Whatever you want to make in the second story, choose the right design that matches the rest of your home.

  • Approval

A second story addition will change the fundamental structure of a home. Hence, in this regard, council approval is necessary for proceeding.

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