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Do you think that your cooking space looks quite dull and outdated? A complete remodeling is a great alternative here but expensive! And if you are on the edge of budget right now, painted kitchen ceilings are an option to amp up your room without hitting your budget much. It can draw attention upwards or fetch the high ceilings down.

However, choosing the right color for your ceiling may be a little challenging for you. In that case, we are here to guide you in decision-making!

Choose the Color Over Your Head for Painted Kitchen Ceilings

Paint is the smartest choice to fix your drab kitchen and make wonder even on the ceilings! But before you select the shade for the ceiling of your cooking space, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest considering other accents and the amount of natural light access in the room.

For instance, if you have a small kitchen, light shades like sky blue can make it feel airy and look bigger than it is. For high ceilings, bold hues like navy blue or gray are better. 

In fact, more colors can catch your attention and make you start eyeing your kitchen ceiling, like:

Bright red:

When you are blessed with a large cooking space, the natural light access may be immense. Yet, you can turn your head towards the bold shades, as stated, like deep and bright red. It will work really well to bring more focus to the ceiling while making your kitchen more stunning.

Soft blue:

Whether you have a smaller kitchen or a larger one, this one works perfectly in both places. Dark colors make a tiny space look more cramped and smaller. With the light shade of soft blue, the room may feel airier and brighter. Contrarily, you can feel relaxed and calm while preparing meals by using this softer version.

Bold patterns:

If you are opting for something unique and trendy shade for your kitchen ceilings, we recommend bold patterned ceiling designs to catch your eyes instantly and create a playful ambiance there. In fact, it ties the rooms together, especially the dining and living space, if you have an open floor plan.

Also, you can go for warm orange tones or beaming shades if you have exposed beams in the kitchen. Even purple accents are gorgeous, indeed. Leave your comments on Yelp and let us know which one shade you have picked for your painted kitchen ceilings. Stay connected!