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It goes without saying that French doors add style, even to a dull and outdated living space! Its layouts seem like extended open windows that look perfect everywhere, from the balcony to the garden areas. Especially while talking about custom-designed French doors, you can play with the colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, you can have control over the light access and decorative door choices.

Trendy Custom-designed French Doors to embrace

French doors come with thicker features and additional eye-catching styles that you can customize according to your home’s layout. That’s why while thinking of home remodeling, it may be the best makeover plan you can have! Here are some of the best designs:

Sliding French doors

If you have an open floor plan concept and looking forward to getting a French door for your patio, go for the sliding designs. The wide panels can help that space get more natural light access and make it quite entertaining. Especially if you have a lack of square footage, sliding French doors are apt!

In-swing French doors

Do you want to have more airflow and light in your living space? Then, in-swing is a great option to give the room great light access. Also, to add a cohesive look on the exterior, go for vinyl windows and classic brown color against the white walls and casement windows on each side. 

French door for backyard

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest avoiding the white French doors for the hallway part of your home that leads to the backyard. Pick some neutral shades that highlight the calming effect in that space, like mute blue contrast to hardwood flooring and white walls. 

Fiber-glass in-swing French doors for bedroom

Do you have an attached balcony to the bedroom? Then, you have the best chance to give a sophisticated touch to that space, just like a master bedroom. The wide in-swing French doors are perfect for making the room feel refreshing and relaxing! On the other hand, black panels can go with any tranquil color scheme and seem trendy.

Out-swing French doors to terrace

When your study room is attached to the terrace, you can bring a contemporary look to this space with grid-pattern out-swing French doors. Pairing these with high ceiling and wall windows can change that conventional, outdated reading room style into an attractive one!

We hope our ideas have given you some options for custom-designed French doors! For more styles, follow us on Facebook and stay connected!