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After dealing with different clients, we have found their common conception about city permits. For most, building permits during home remodeling cost dollars, and they consider avoiding it as much as possible! But we want to disclose the truth to you here! The expenses for permits are not more than $500 that may be just a fraction of the amount you are ready to spend for renovation. 

Real data about city permits for home remodeling projects

Avoiding permits during home renovation means cutting corners. But it’s never worth doing so unless you want it to come to haunt you later. Instead, go through today’s blog and ideate real data regarding the building permits. Have a look:

Number of applications for city permits

According to a survey, almost every homeowner applies for permits while renovating their cooking space or bathroom. And that may be around 37% of all the applications. Contrarily, 21% of the permits are for room additions, and 23% go for interior renovation projects.

Also, permit applications for outdoor upgrades are nearly 15%, while exterior counting at 19% of all permits. In fact, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we have found that even detached structure construction comes with permit applications around 10% and one-off specific projects for 3% hardly. 

Required time for permit approval

Many homeowners try to avoid applying for building permits considering it as a delay to kick off the home remodeling project. Honestly, some permits take time to get approved, while a few require only the very day. The permits getting same-day approval maybe around 24% of all while the rest need some days.

For example, 17% of the city permits take less than a week, while 27% require a couple of weeks, especially for first-time applicants. And the majority of building permits need around a month or more to get approved.

Overall costs for building permits

On Yelp, you can find our clients thanking us for carrying out their building permits. And if you hold on to the thought that the expenses are huge, you are wrong! If you are a first-time applicant, the building permit may be for you around $500 or less for the maximum home remodeling projects, like common ones- bathroom or kitchen renovation. Apart from this, the rest city permits may cost more than $500, between $501 to $5000, depending on project size and location.

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Picture this: You are all set to start your construction project and waiting for the permits only! But admit it or not: Applying for the building permits and getting the approvals is quite a more daunting task than you think! Don’t worry! We will get you covered for Architectural & Engineering Design and City Permits Services entirely!

After all, the last thing you may want is to trap into legal issues for this. Isn’t it? That’s why it’s wise to have an idea and understanding of the permits, plan checks, and approvals.

What is a city permit for construction projects?

Whether it’s a residential new build or a commercial renovation project, having a building permit is mandatory! City permits for your construction work is a kind of legal authorization that allows continuing the project. The permits can differ from one home to another, depending on the building codes, different scopes, plumbing, and electrical plans.

Apart from providing tips for choosing architectural floor designs for your home, we conduct complete building permits and entitlements. Here’s HOW:

The building permit process

The aim of getting approval for a building permit is nothing but to ensure safety. The local permit department looks over your building planning standards, calculations, and other considerations if they comply with your building codes and zoning.

We provide your application for building construction at the local permit department with the required documents that include.

The permits of a licensed engineer

For most residential and commercial renovation or new build projects, you need to have an approved building design. We provide sketches and calculations of the plan to the registered engineers. You can go through our customer feedback on Yelp regarding this!

Yes, there are exceptions to a few construction projects where this signature requirement isn’t necessary! For example:

Online permits

Minor home improvement projects don’t need an in-person plan check. We can help you complete and get it online. Such as: Do you need any help with building permits? At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, the highly trained team of project managers are there to cover your project from A to Z! Stay in touch to learn more!