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Bathroom flooring and tiling are no less important than choosing the right layout for your home. After all, appearance is not the only thing to take into account here! Instead, you need to make a choice for floor and wall tiles installation that is functional apart from looking stunning and trendy! And our today’s blog may be helpful here!

Facts to keep in mind for bathroom floor and wall tiles installation

Maybe you don’t know, but the bathroom floor designs and wall tiles can make your restroom differently stand out from others. In fact, your guests notice these two first, even before stylish faucets and shower enclosures! 

Hence, you can’t miss the following facts while choosing the wall and floor tiles for installation. Such as:

Consider the safety

It’s undeniable that the bathroom is a space that experiences the most use of water. That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest looking for water-resistant tiles for walls. Or else it will leave the water stains that can make the walls look dirty and grimy! On the other hand, go for a little bit of rough and slip-resistant floor that is easy to maintain while preventing accidents.

Styles and colors for floor and wall tiles

It’s better to decide on neutral-colored and light tiles. It can make even the small room look elegant and bigger. On the other hand, light colors like creamy tiles can turn the space airy! But if you have a larger space in the bathroom, dark-colored tiles like chocolate brown or burnt ones can be apt!

What’s about the finishes?

No doubt, glossy tiles look amazing in any room! Even on Yelp, you can find many of our clients saying that they have embraced such floor tiles. But our experts always recommend matte or wood finishes in the bathroom. It not only brings a warm tone to your space but makes the floor slip-resistant. Contrarily, glossy tiles are perfect for the bathroom walls to make the room open and bright.

Size and shape

Admit it or not: it can leave a huge impact on appearance. Generally, for small bathrooms, larger tiles look quite attractive and reverse for the bigger space. If you are in two minds, sit with our bathroom remodeling contractors for a consultation! We hope you have found our guidance quite helpful regarding bathroom floor and wall tiles installation. In fact, for more design ideas, you can look into our bathroom remodeling photo gallery. Stay connected!

Choosing the right type of bathroom flooring can be quite challenging. In Los Angeles, you will find countless options that can easily make you puzzled. Whether you have a small or big bathroom, the right flooring can do wonders for its functionality as well as aesthetics. But there is nothing to get worried about! In this blog, we have brought out a few popular flooring options for bathrooms. So, before you look for a contractor, it’s highly advisable to have a look at these beforehand.

A Few Popular Flooring Options for Bathrooms

Flooring is one of the most crucial parts of a bathroom. And in Los Angeles, most homeowners are concerned in this regard. But to get the best return on investment, consider any of the following flooring options for bathrooms.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is undoubtedly a good choice for a bathroom. And one can easily afford it with the help of a bathroom remodeling contractor. It’s because these professionals are in contact with reliable stone suppliers. However, this flooring material is hard, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. It can return excellent resale value. But stone flooring may be cold, which can be solved by installing radiant heating. Visit Yelp to know more about stone flooring.

Engineered Wood

As a flooring material, an engineered floor is better than solid wood under high moisture conditions. It comes with a durable plywood base so that it can hold up against moisture. Engineered wood looks stunning as its top layer comes with a real hardwood veneer. Therefore, if you wish to have wooden flooring in your bathroom, this option would be the best choice.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a perfect choice for a bathroom if it’s installed properly. The base layer of this flooring option comes with a dense fiberboard. But make sure it’s exposed to limited moisture. The surface of this flooring material is a photograph of cherry, oak, slate, marble, etc. It’s easy to clean. That’s why most homeowners in Los Angeles prefer this option for bathroom flooring. Visit Pinterest to witness how it looks.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is quite popular because of water resistance. It comes in a range of varieties. These include sheet vinyl, tile vinyl, plank vinyl, etc. But one needs to choose the option depending on how the flooring will be laid down.

Sheet vinyl flooring is the best option for the bathroom where the floor consumes a lot of water. Plank vinyl flooring is less resistant to water damage. But the tile vinyl flooring that comes with tile-shaped pieces of vinyl is usually not a good option. Hence, it’s better to leave it to your bathroom remodeling contractor. These experts will suggest the right flooring for your bathing space.

Ceramic Tile

Want to give your bathroom a classy look? Then opt for this option. Ceramic tile is quite popular among flooring options for bathrooms. It not only makes a bathroom look beautiful, but this material is also durable. Most importantly, ceramic tile is water-resistant. Hence, you need not worry about water damage.

Normal wear and tear would not ruin its visual effect. The only thing that you may notice is the grout between tiles. But one can easily remove grout stains. Visit Facebook pages to know what contractors say about this flooring.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for expert hands to remodel your bathroom? Leave it to us. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are a family-owned – licensed, and insured company. Our experts are well aware of different flooring options for bathrooms popular in Los Angeles. So, wait no more! Call us immediately! And read our other blogs for more updates.