Bathroom Remodeling

Smart 6 Small Bathroom Remodel Design Hacks to Look Over!

Bathroom Remodeling

Smart 6 Small Bathroom Remodel Design Hacks to Look Over!

Many homeowners often get upset over having a small bathroom and not getting a chance to enjoy that luxurious feel! Are you one of them? Then, don’t be! You can make your space brighter and stunning by trying out these simple hacks that we are about to discuss today! These small bathrooms remodel ideas will help you save space and your wallet from getting a bad hit too.

How to plan a small bathroom remodel in smart ways

Yes, you may want a vanity, sink, walk-in shower, and all that you could have in the large bathroom space. And with our simple hacks, you can have all that even in your small bathroom. Let’s check HOW:1ew12

Look for a corner sink!

Are you after holding the trend while saving the space too? Then, a corner sink can be a smart option to try out! The shape and size of this sink can fit any corner of the bathroom and save space amazingly! Also, you can look for a pedestal sink as well!

Pick a rounded-corner vanity!

When you have a tight space in your bathroom, having a vanity with sharp corners may hurt someone. Go for a floating vanity with round corners that can prevent mishaps and offer a space-saving option.

Hang a mirror for the bathroom wall!

 A larger mirror behind the vanity is a great idea to allow two people to use it together. Also, the light reflection on it makes the bathroom look bigger.

Sliding shower door or curtains!

A glass door for the shower room can take much space to open and close. You can try a sliding one or a shower curtain instead of that. These are space-saving and on the trend too! You can look over some samples on Yelp!

Towel bar on the door!

In a limited space, having a towel bar on the wall may be problematic for you to move. It’s best to mount that towel bar on the back of the entry door where you can have easy access.

Large-scale patterned tiles!

It’s the best way to make your small bathroom space looking a bigger one! For flooring and wall tiles, make sure to choose the light color but large squares with wide striped patterns. Yet, the design will fool the eyes of your guests and make them feel like standing in a larger luxurious bathroom.  Aren’t these great? If you find these tricks applicable for your bathroom, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can get your job done! Stay in touch for more!