Simple Lighting Decorations for Christmas to Twinkle Your Home!


Simple Lighting Decorations for Christmas to Twinkle Your Home!

Hey, the magical holiday season is here, and you may have started feeling that from a day before Christmas. However, there’s no time to relax now because the seasonal decor isn’t done yet. Well, you don’t have to be stressed. With simple lighting decorations at Christmas, you can do so! The indoor X-mas lighting can jazz up your space more than you ever imagined.

Do you need some ideas? We are here for that!

Stunning Lighting Decorations Ideas on Christmas

Maybe you have never thought of it in such depth, but the ambiance of Christmas comes with the indoor and outdoor lighting on this special eve. The fairy lights on the tree, the warmth of the fire, and being surrounded by friends- all these can give you the festive vibes you are looking forward to! 

And for that, start with lighting decorations, and here are some trendy ideas:

Combine the lights:

In our previous blog, we shared some ideas to decorate your staircase. Today, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest combining the small fairy lights with the evergreen and eucalyptus garlands you drape around the banister. It will give your entrance and hallway a glistening and radiant glow while adding a comforting warmth with the twinkling lights!

Make your garden a wonderland!

Just like the indoor lighting, the outdoors also deserve to twinkle and glow on Christmas eve! Take the fairy and string lights to drape around the bush and tree branches along the garden entryway. Also, you can use the stagger lanterns to decorate the porch and path sides between the small bright X-mas trees. 

Let’s shine the shelves!

Of course, when it’s Christmas, you will be excited to take the Insta-worthy pics of your home decorations. But you often leave the corner shelves for not having any unique idea. Well, this Christmas, you can fill those corners with mason jars with a bunch of fairy lights within those. 

In fact, you can use this same lighting idea for an entryway table or fireplace mantle decor! You can follow our social media pages- Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for more such ideas.

String light decor!

Close your eyes and imagine- A starry home that twinkles so bright! Amazing, right? With the string lights, you can have so! It’s the perfect alternative lighting decoration idea for those having limited space. You can drape the light string around the bough or attach it to the walls with pins to have the maximum impact on your floor area. Also, the string light would be perfect for giving a fuller look to the X-mas tree!

What’s about the NEONs?

If you have made your living space party-ready for Christmas eve, Neon lighting can add some fun to your indoor decor. It’s a great way to create a warm and inviting ambiance and light up your walls, front porch, and windows. Would you love to try?

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