Faucet Finishes

Need Full Plumbing Solutions? Check 4 Trendy Faucet Finishes First!

Faucet Finishes

Need Full Plumbing Solutions? Check 4 Trendy Faucet Finishes First!

So, you have just done getting a new room addition on your premises? That’s a great option you have picked for your growing family and making your space always inviting. Color, lighting fixtures, and glasses- all are set except the faucets in the bathroom! Yet, it’s better to be sooner than later to have full plumbing solutions in your new room!

You may have started already looking over the latest faucet designs for your new luxurious bathroom. But have you paid attention to the finishes? Maybe not! Don’t worry! Here, we can help you!

Look over the timeless faucet finishes while getting Full Plumbing Solutions

While talking about timeless, you should know that vintage style is the only answer here! And the right choice of faucet finishes can make your bathroom flow with style with time. Such as:

The golden elegance!

Gone are the days of steel finishes in your bathroom! It’s time to turn your head towards something new! And gold faucet finishes can give your space that high-end look you want to have for years! 

This gold finish brings an upgraded and lavish look to your restroom. In fact, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest opting for some brushed gold fixtures against your white walls and royal blue furnishings!

Uniqueness with nickel finish!

No doubt, classic designs are coming back on trends! And classic nickel is the coolest one when it’s about fixtures! Nickel finishes come with versatile and plenty of options that could be a perfect match for both light and dark-colored spaces. Also, if you want to have a clean and simple look in your bathroom, go for it!

Stunning rose gold finishes!

Well, this one doesn’t limit only to your smartphone shades! Even for your bathroom faucet, rose gold is a stunning and elegant neutral hue that could be a bold and unique addition to your space. You can look into Yelp to look over the reviews of our previous clients embracing this faucet style for their premises!

Matter black finish!

Do you love having minimalistic but stylish approaches in your restroom? Nothing could match better than matte black faucets in your bathroom to create a sophisticated, classy, and edgy look in this space! The best part is that this finish comes with spot and stain-resistant features. 

Was it helpful? Now, if you need to check some samples of our work, look into our room addition gallery! Stay in touch!