Wall Design

Need 1st and 2nd Floor Wall Changes? 5 Ideas to Revamp Those!

Wall Design

Need 1st and 2nd Floor Wall Changes? 5 Ideas to Revamp Those!

Maybe you won’t accept, but your guests see your walls first when they step into your home! So, while thinking of 1st & 2nd-floor wall changes, spruce those up with some designs that can grab their eyeballs with a glance. Let us help you out here!

1st & 2nd-floor wall changes with trendy designs

Well, no matter how much you try to design your walls with artworks and decorative items, that won’t work much! Your wall design must have a touch of a trend that you can get with our wall design ideas! Such as:

Plain paint for walls

If you want to add some elegance to your interior walls and run with the trend, this one is apt! Stay SIMPLE is one of the most attractive things to drag anyone’s attention. Just make one wall different in color, and your accent wall is ready!

Even on Yelp, you may have found many of our clients saying that they have liked our simple but trendy idea for first and second-floor walls!

Molding walls

Have you ever thought of this one? While after saving dollars, this one is the most affordable way to pop up your walls. It comes with amazing options in the material choice that you can pick as per your requirements and that much you can afford!


When you want to bring some unique changes to your first and second-floor walls, this one can be the perfect option for you! Generally, you may find people using tiles on the floor and bathroom walls.

But it would be great to think out of the box and use the tiles to create an accent wall in your home in the ‘Brick-wall’ look!

Paint texture

If you love our idea of one-side wall paint but want to spice it up a little bit, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for the texture paint! With your choice of statement pieces, you can design your wall as you love!


Looking for the most affordable and flexible choice? Wallpaper could help you out here! From a variety of designs to colors- countless options are available there! In fact, you can change that or remove it if required anytime! Now, which one do you think is a perfect match for your home? Let us know! In fact, you can follow us on Facebook for more new ideas if you have a plan for 1st & 2nd-floor wall changes. Stay in touch!