Bathroom Remodeling bathroom-remodeling-los-angeles1

A Compact Guide to Shower Head Designs and Types Trending!

Bathroom Remodeling bathroom-remodeling-los-angeles1

A Compact Guide to Shower Head Designs and Types Trending!

Hey, you have got a great bathroom remodeling, so stunning and elegant. But what\’s the broken and old showerhead doing here? Or isn’t it quite efficient that makes it release a small dribble of water always? For your classy shower room, even the showerhead should represent that grace- Right? So, adieu to your outdated and broken shower fixture, and take a glance at our guide to take an insight into the best shower head designs and types that suit your space.

What Are the Best Showerhead Designs and Types for Your Bathroom?

Of course, shopping for the new showerhead can be a little challenging for you. After all, you have to pick only one among so many options, like fixed, handheld, recessed design, or wall-mounted! You may find it quite overwhelming to decide what to go for.

But we can help you find a way out here! First, think of the lifestyle you maintain and your requirements. For example:

  • Is it your personal bathroom or for the whole family?
  • Do you love the spray pattern or rain-like droplets?
  • What’s the size of your bathroom small or a bigger one?
  • How much can you afford? 

And so on….

Considering all, you can ideate which showerhead or spray is the perfect match to make your shower area functional and give you that blissful experience. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have discussed here a few options for you:

Spa-like luxury

If you desire to have a serene space to unwind your stress and pamper yourself every time, the spa-like shower is a perfect addition to your bathroom. Such designs feature a dual rain showerhead, hand shower, and multiple bodysprays to leave you with a blissful experience beyond your expectation.

Multifunctional showerheads

Do you want a pleasant shower someday while a massage-like showering experience on the other? In that case, go for the multifunctional showerheads that come with different spray patterns altogether! You can customize the shower according to your mood and requirements, like a jet, water-saving, or mist.

Two-in one!

So, you can’t decide between a rainfall showerhead and the handheld ones? What if you can get both at a time? Yes, it’s possible with two-in-one showerheads that come with traditional wall-mounted rainfall shower and handheld showerhead options too. Its customized options are the exact way out for functionality and style.

If you want to see more showerhead designs for your bathroom, check out Yelp to see our previous bathroom remodeling projects. You may find the right one you desire.