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9 Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks That You Should Try

Home Decoration Ideas

9 Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks That You Should Try

Organizing a bedroom is a tricky task indeed. Having everything in a room may end up with a mess unless you increase its storage space.  In Los Angeles, most homeowners are concerned in this regard. They always opt for clever bedroom storage hacks to get the right solution. And these are what you should implement.

Well, in this blog, we have compiled a few storage tricks that will work best for your bedroom. So, if you have started planning to remodel your home, take a look at these first.

A Few Bedroom Storage Hacks to Opt for

Your bedroom is a place where you spend quality time. It’s an ideal space for relaxation. So, keeping this in mind, opt for the storage tricks from the following options and make it organized properly.

1. Install Book Shelves over the Bed

Many homeowners often forget to use the vertical space above the bed. And that’s a big mistake. Do you have a collection of books? So, why not install bookshelves above your bed and correctly keep these. If the rest of the book doesn’t fit on the shelves, you can make an under-bed book organizer.

2. Install a Cloth Rack in the Corner

If you have only one closet, go for this bedroom storage hack. Hang a cloth rack in the empty corner of your room. This idea will never make you feel cramped in this space. Most importantly, it will be the out of sight of your guests. You can visit Facebook to explore various designs of cloth racks.

3. Convert Your Wall Shelving into a Wardrobe

In Los Angeles, many homeowners have loved this idea suggested by general contractors. If you have a tiny room, get the shelving converted into a wardrobe. Here you can hang all your essential clothing items. If you need more storage space, get it expanded to the ceiling.

4. Add Baskets with Levels to Your Wardrobe

If you have a lot of clothing items to keep in your bedroom, this space can get more cramped. Hence, in this regard, the key is adding baskets to your wardrobe and keep clothes. Here, you can beautifully fold shirts and keep them in a proper way. And don’t forget to add labels to the baskets to identify the type of clothes.

5. Wall Hooks Are Also the Best Option

Buy a few sturdy wall hooks. Your general contractor will suggest where you should attach them to the wall. Here you can hang your bags, instruments, and other essential items. It’s undoubtedly a great way to keep things organized in a bedroom. There are different types of wall hooks available on the market. So, choose the one that suits best for your bedroom.

6. Go for a Pegboard

It’s absolutely a cute idea for those who have a lot of things to keep in their bedroom. However, install a pegboard on the vertical space of the wall. And organize your accessories. It’s a great design piece. Therefore, incorporate it into your bedroom design. But before that, visit Pinterest to explore its designs.

7. Corner Shelving Unit Is Ideal for Shoes

Install small shelving in the other corner of your room. Stack them up and store your shoes here. It’s truly a practical way to keep your shoes organized. And this idea will make your bedroom look neat and tidy. And that’s what exactly you want, right? So, opt for this bedroom storage hack.

8. Add Storage Boxes to Shelves

If your bedroom lacks space, you can increase the storage space by adding storage boxes to shelves. These boxes are great for storing accessories, school supplies, etc. But make sure you choose the color of the boxes, which match the shelves. Visit Yelp to explore its various options.

9. Opt for Door Utility Rack

A door rack will offer you some extra space to organize your accessories, such as make-up and self-care products. It’s one of the bedroom storage hacks that many people in Los Angeles try. However, opt for a cure one that suits your room.

So, embrace these bedroom storage hacks to make this space organized. And that’s where MDM Custom Remodeling Inc will help. Our team of experts is highly experienced. We are available to our clients in the Greater Los Angeles area. So, fix your appointment immediately.