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How to Choose the Perfect Color for Kitchen Countertops!

“Should I go for the light one or the darker shades?”- This one may be the most common question to trigger your mind while looking over kitchen countertop designs for New Year renovations! Honestly, there is no rule of thumb to decide whether to go for a light one or darker hue for the countertops. But for the perfect match, you need to take a few things into account where we can help you!


Tips for picking the right color for kitchen countertops

As mentioned, while checking on Yelp or magazines, you can get never-ending choices in countertop designs for your cooking space! But it may be a challenge to narrow down when it comes to making a decision. Don’t worry! Our following pointers may guide you here:

Kitchen countertops and cabinets!

Not to mention, lighter countertops with darker cabinets are the latest trend these days, and it’s on the craze, in fact! However, this concept practically makes sense. For instance, while preparing the meal in the kitchen, you may clean the countertops more than the cabinets- Isn’t it? Hence, if you REVERSE the contrast, you need to clean the cabinets frequently, like thrice a day! Can you afford that? 

But you don’t have to look for additional time to clean the tops because you keep doing that while working there. Or else light colors may leave the stains of spills!


Flooring and kitchen countertops

Do you want to keep a pace between the kitchen floor and the countertops? Well, you don’t have to find something matchy-matchy, but a basic color similarly is essential to create an elegant and cohesive look! Harmonize the pattern and color of the countertops with the horizontal lines on the wood floor and vertical cabinet design. Doesn’t it create an amazing contrast?

Bigger windows and countertops

Larger windows in the kitchen mean more natural light access! In that case, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest darker shades for countertops to create a timeless look and make your cooking space more appealing. Also, it’s advisable to decide on lighter cabinet finishes, like white, honey, or maple, regarding this!


Neutral shades for countertops

Yes, sometimes you should try it to bring a dramatic look to your cooking space! Instead of bold colors, go for neutral hues for kitchen countertops pairing with small appliances, window coverings, backsplashes, and other accessories. 

Last but not least, if you need more ideas for kitchen remodeling, keep on reading our other blogs and stay connected!