Month: September 2021

Of course, you may not prefer having lampblack on the corner walls of your newly painted luxury cooking space. Isn’t it? That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest kitchen chimney installations ASAP! In fact, it’s better to do so while renovating your kitchen. 

Considerations for kitchen chimney installations

While looking for a chimney for your cooking space, the options are countless for you. Yet, making the right choice may be overwhelming, but our following guidance may ease that! Such as:

Chimney size

Generally, you can get a ducted chimney available from 60 cm to 90 centimeters wide. In fact, if you have two to four burners on the cooktop, 60 cm size is sufficient. Contrarily, 90 cm size is advisable for the cooktop having three to five burners. 

The suction power of your chimney

For kitchen chimneys and other appliances, considering the suction power is essential. It depends on the size of your cooking space and the cooking style you follow to prepare your meals. For example, oily foods require suction power around 500 and 1000 cubic meters an hour! 

Distance from the countertop

According to our kitchen remodelers, you should keep a minimum of 30 inches gap between the chimney and the cooktop. If you lower the height, it would be challenging to use or look into pans while cooking. Our experts can help you in the perfect installation that you can ensure from our previous clients’ comments on Yelp!

Chimney filter

Two options are there to choose for chimney filters like Cassette and Baffle. The former one comes with multiple layers of metal mesh, while the second type contains overlapping layers of steel and aluminum. Make sure that clogging grease particles should not affect the suction power!

Were these ideas helpful? We hope so! Also, you can take an insight into our kitchen remodeling gallery for the latest designs of kitchen chimney installations. Stay in touch!

Picture this: A sunny morning, and you are wandering in the yard. And suddenly, you have found something a few steps ahead of you! Oops! Is that a shingle? If so, you don’t need any other signs to get roofing repair and services. In fact, it’s better to be sooner than later!

But many home and office owners get overwhelmed between repairing and replacing the roof. And to know which option is right for you, we are here to guide you!

Considerations to ensure if Roofing Repair and Services are required

Roof repair or replacement- as mentioned, people find it challenging to decide on the one even when experiencing major roofing issues! But our following guidance will help you ideate if it’s time for you to repair the roof. Such as:

How long do you want to stay in this home?

Here, you need to make a decision!

Yes, according to a survey, you can get up to 67% ROI after the roof replacement. But if you have a plan to move to a new home in the next few years, roof replacement doesn’t make sense at all! Roof repair is a better option here! After all, you may not get enough while selling your home in poor roof condition.

On the contrary, when you have a plan to stay in your home forever, and you have got roof repair and services several times, it’s time for a replacement.

How old is your roof?

Now, it’s a vital fact to consider when it’s about getting a roof repair service or not! When you have asphalt shingle, different signs are there that not only tell your roof’s age but informs whether it needs repair. Like:

  • Bald shingles
  • Roof sagging
  • Moss covered your roof
  • Granules in gutter
  • Buckling shingles
  • Blistering shingles

Still, if you haven’t got any clue about your office roof, hire commercial roofing contractors and ask how old it is. They can suggest if repair is sufficient or it needs replacement.

What is the budget for roof repair?

There’s no certain answer here! It depends on your roof condition, labour costs, and charges of required materials. We guarantee top-quality roofing repair and service within your budget that you can ensure from the customer feedback on Yelp

Are you ready to invest? Then, sit for a discussion with our roofing contractors! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts can get you all covered from roofing repair and services, including installation and inspection. Stay in touch!

No matter if you need to make your pocket a little bit full, need privacy, or reserve your guests for a few more days, having additional room is a MUST! Do you have the same wish? Then, add an ADU (Accessories Dwelling Unit) in your backyard if you have enough space there! 

Accessories Dwelling Unit can offer you a great space to relax or having fun with your family and friend. On the contrary, you can rent it out and boost your monthly income! Options are plenty, and the choice is up to you!

How to utilize the space by adding ADU in your backyard

An ADU can fit any space in the backyard, depending on your needs. On the 0ther hand, you can keep it detached and separated from the primary home while getting extra square footage.

In fact, even if you have a small space, you can build a functional ADU with our space-saving ideas! Here’s HOW you can utilize the space:


Do you love to spend your weekend or summer holidays with your friend and family? If so, an ADU can allow you to have a great entertaining space in your backyard to host such small parties! From 3D design and construction to plumbing and electrical- we will get you all covered!

Creating the rental unit

Adding the ADU to your backyard can be a great way to have supplemental income for homeowners. You can give this space in rent and utilize it as a flexible housing solution as well.

Having a multi-purpose room!

If you have looked over our clients’ reviews on Yelp, you may find most people asking for ideas to utilize their backyard space for multi-purpose use. And yes, with an ADU addition, you can get that so!

It not only adds beauty to your premises but meets your space requirements for any purpose! For instance, you can use this space to create a workshop, home office, or gym to keep you fit every day!

Granny flat

It’s a great idea to keep your elderly parents near you on their last days! Building an ADU in your backyard can give you that opportunity while providing your parents or relatives with their own living space. They will be just a step away from your home in the same lot!

So, which one will you prefer to add to your backyard? That doesn’t matter! But you can count on us for any of our services for Greater Los Angeles. Stay in touch to learn more!

Picture this: You are looking forward to renovating your home. Of course, plenty of options are there on Google. From flooring to wall paint and upgrading your kitchen and bathroom- you can pick any! But have you ever thought of custom staircase designs? Maybe never because of assuming to have a long planning procedure! Isn’t it?

However, that’s not at all! Only you need to consider and check a few steps to do so! Here, we are to discuss HOW!

Quick steps to plan Custom Staircase Designs

No doubt, a custom staircase is a perfect addition to any home or office premises. It’s, especially when you make the right choice from the trendy home stairs designs! All you need is to consider the following steps regarding this:

Search for the inspiration

While planning a custom staircase for your home or office premises, there must be a design in your mind. It comes from the inspiration that you may have found somewhere, whether it’s Google or at any of your friend’s! But before coming to any final decision, ask these questions yourself:

  • Does this staircase design fit your space?
  • Should you go for the straight or curved stairs?
  • Is this custom staircase design a perfect match for your interior layout?

Choosing staircase type

Now, it’s time to decide on the right type of stairs. Here, you can get help from our experts too! For instance:

Straight stairs:

If you want to have that traditional look in your interior layouts, go for straight custom staircase designs! You can find the design options like L-shape, scissor stairs, and more that come with no change in directions. In fact, from simple and conventional to modern and complex- all varieties are available in a straight staircase! 

Curved staircase:

Even you can find some of our clients on Yelp saying that curved custom designs for staircases stand better in the test of time. With different sizes and shapes, round staircases bring grace and elegance to the space!

Picking the right style

After deciding on the curved or straight custom staircase designs, it comes to style! It will help you include unique features in the layout that will make your space more stunning. The styles are:

  • Modern
  • Ornamental
  • Craftsman 
  • Traditional 

Have you found it simple now? Great, then! If you have made mind about the custom staircase design you need, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can help you! Stay in touch for more such ideas!

Honestly, you can’t get any direct and certain answers here! In fact, when about to start a construction project and looking for architectural design services, you like to ask a few questions! After all, while spending dollars, you look forward to the best layouts.

And asking questions help you ensure if the architectural designers are a perfect fit for your construction projects. Here’s HOW you can start!

Are these experts right for your Architectural Design Services?

As mentioned, getting the answers from the professionals will ensure you if they are the best match for your project. And here are the questions to help you get all the answers, whether it’s about architectural and engineering design with city permits or something else! Such as:

Do you prefer working outside?

Now, this one is a big question for an architectural designer. Though the designers have indoor jobs, every construction projects start from the land! Maybe it’s easy to work outside on sunny days, that is 70% of the year, but not in snowy mornings in winter!

And you have unplanned to start a home construction project in winter, ensure this before getting into any deal!

Do you prefer working with other people?

Needless to say, teamwork is the basis of a successful construction project. Even if architectural designers play a different role in the project, they need to ensure that everything gets done on time. Or else the project won’t progress gradually! 

Yet, the architectural designers you have hired must be flexible enough to work in a team. Anyway, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we can assure you of perfect teamwork!

Is the team of architectural design services active enough?

OKAY, construction work is not a project of sitting idly and instruct someone else! Every crew has its role to play, and the same goes for each staff of the architectural design team. They are active and fit enough to handle plannings, city permits, and necessary actions!

Do you afraid of heights?

If your designer shows you a green flag, you haven’t made the right choice. It’s obvious for an architectural designer to work on different heights, whether in the same project or various!

For instance, the expert may have to plan the lighting fixtures on 4 feet height while a steel beam on a rooftop of 75 feet! Make sure ahead of hiring!

So, have you got a little bit of insight? Also, you can look over Yelp for more help from other clients’ feedback to ensure our service quality. Stay in touch!

Getting a home addition is, no doubt, exciting for anyone! After all, it comes with amazing excess living options for a growing family. On the other hand, you end up earning a huge ROI while selling it! But before deciding on any random room addition ideas for small homes, you should know some unignorable facts!

If you have no clue about those so far, take two minutes and look through our today’s blog! We have discussed all that here!

Facts you can’t miss before choosing any room addition ideas 

The best part of room addition in small homes is to get access to additional space. You may have already started looking for different room addition ideas to expand your square footage

But your project kicks off, be aware of the following details about building additions. Have a look:

Property lines:

In Los Angeles, you may be aware of the local building regulations, like how close your home could be to the adjacent! It’s not only about your neighbor’s home but roadways and vacant lots, too! 

So, ahead of planning a room addition for your small home, get a professional survey to ideate the accurate boundary lines. Or else you may have to experience legal issues because of crossing the neighbor’s lot!

Room addition designs

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest exploring the design options that comply with your building codes. You can start with an online search on Pinterest or get help from our expert designers! It would help you find the best option as per your requirements but fit in the budget! 

Local building codes

As mentioned before, you have to take care of the local building regulations while starting a room addition project, even in a small home. The codes vary from one area to another in Los Angeles. Hence, it would be wise to ask your general contractor about rather than your friends or family.  

Timeline of the project

While planning a room addition, make sure to provide your contractors with an accurate schedule! In fact, if you are is uncomfortable with the timeline for any reason, discuss it with the experts. 

Also, you can pick another design to get the project done faster! We assure of on-time project delivery that you can ensure from the reviews on Yelp! Still, try to have some realistic expectations with the timeline!

Was it helpful? Now, it would be easy for you to choose the right design for your small home from our room addition gallery! Also, you can get help from our general contractors regarding this. Stay in touch!   

Do you dream of having a luxurious and timeless design in your restroom layout? Who else doesn’t! And it requires proper attention to detail, especially for bathroom sink planning. From design and style to size- countless options are there available in the market! 

But you have to decide on the right one to design your vanity space. Not getting a clue? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you just in some smart steps!

How and where to start Bathroom Sink Planning

Honestly, homeowners find it overwhelming when it comes to picking sink designs or planning the placement! Even on Yelp, you can find many clients say experiencing the same problem with bathroom sink planning. After all, you don’t do so daily!

Start with a layout!

Suppose you may have all set to buy a sink or checked the designs. But what’s about the bathroom layout? You have to decide on it first! Your restroom layout will help you ideate how big vanity space you can plan and choose the best matches for the fixtures and finishes!

Decide the number of sinks you need!

Some go for a couple of while a few for only one! The choices vary depending on the space, vanity style, and bathroom layout. For instance, if you have the space for a vanity smaller than 60 inches, go for one sink or else two!

You can place it in the center of the vanity or any side you prefer to use! Anyway, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest installing it on the side of your cabinets to get easy access to toiletries.

Pick the sink style!

Making a choice will get easy once you have determined the number of sinks and restroom layout. For example, you can go for a pedestal sink or a traditional oval design. Also, consider dark colored sink against a neutral painted wall while white or any bright color will suit the reverse one!

Type of sink you need!

Last but not least is this one! As mentioned, countless options are for you out there! But you need to choose the one that goes with your bathroom layout and vanity space, whether you place one or two! For instance:

  • Undermount
  • Vessel sink
  • Drop-in 

We hope that our today’s blog may be quite helpful for you. If you want to have some design ideas for bathroom sink planning, check on Pinterest! Then, you can sit with our experts to discuss your restroom layout in detail!

Not only the cabinets but even the countertops play a significant role while talking about kitchen renovation. From preparing a cup of coffee to dinner- your countertop goes through so much wear and tear! That’s why nothing can be a better material option than granite for this. But before the installation, take a glance at our amazing granite countertop ideas! It may help you pick the best one for your cooking space!

Most trending Granite countertop ideas for kitchen

Granite comes with a wide array of color options for your cooking space that you can find on Pinterest. You can achieve a classy while timeless look in your kitchen that’s enough to leave your guests spellbound! Such as:


Neutral tones

To have a minimalistic look in your kitchen, neutral is always at the top of the list! It can give a mind-blowing combination with golden light fixtures or wooden flooring. Also, you can create uniqueness in your cooking space by upgrading it with bright backsplashes or silk wall paint!


Black granite hue

Do you want to have a bold and dramatic touch on your kitchen countertops? Then, go for the black one! Comparing to conventional white countertops, it looks unmatchable and eye-catchy! From dark to glittering- you can go for any options in black granite countertops!


Matte finish

On Yelp, you can find many homeowners saying that they prefer matte tone over gloss, whether it’s cabinet or countertop! If you are one of those, a granite matte finish is apt for your cooking space. It comes in a smooth and satin-matte look but with richness!


White shades in granite

While looking for timeless beauty in your kitchen, white countertops won’t leave you disappointed! It holds elegance and refinement while making your cooking space look stylish with any cabinet and backsplash colors and designs. White granite countertops come in countless shades. So, take the time to find the best match for your kitchen!


Patterned granite countertops

As mentioned, white granite countertops are on trend and will remain timeless. Still, you can turn your head towards patterned options to give a more appealing look to your kitchen. It can make your cooking space look not only unique but natural!

Let us know which granite countertop ideas you would love to apply in your kitchen! If you find it overwhelming to decide, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts will guide you here! Stay in touch for more ideas!