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Eugenia M

Steve Cook

Suzanne White


Sage Stevens

Mike, My gosh, thanks so much for being so responsive to our need this week. Wow, talk about being right on time! Your staff were all tremendous: Hoping that I have their names correctly spelled: Andres was super with the crawl space expansion (including the debris removal!) plus the expansion of the TPRV pipe; and George seemed quite the expert with regard to the jacuzzi tub electrical issues. And both were professional and friendly all the way. A credit to your leadership.

Thank you
Bill D.

This is not our first home remodeling/construction project. After first three months I can say that I have never been as happy with a contractor or subcontractor as I have been with MDM Custom Remodeling. Their jobs are planned and completed in a timely manner. Their estimates are "real" numbers that I can count on. Mike is thorough in listening to what one wants, and brings his construction skills to explaining just how to make that happen. He answers every question and doesn't skimp on anything but the best for long term endurance. Mike also works within our budget, and gave us great value. We've used MDM Custom Remodeling for our current project, and will come back for more. I would highly recommend Mike & MDM Custom Remodeling to anyone considering a remodel or construction of any kind.

George G.

Our experience with MDM was truly a pleasant experience. The job of remodeling our kitchen and master bathroom was completed in a timely fashion. Whenever situations or changes we needed to make occurred, MDM and Mr. Mizrachi were 100% accommodating. MDM was upfront with their cost, and an itemized handout was given to me. The materials were of high quality and the workers professional every step of the way. As a teacher, I expect and demand high quality of work from my students. MDM provided both to me and I will highly 'A'. Thank you very much.

Linda C.

We thank you and your team at MDM for doing a great job on the remodeling of our kitchen. We met with several different company representatives, choosing your company due to your ability to listen to our vision and ideas. We were impressed with how you were able to understand our needs, both financially and creatively. Once the project started, you resolved each new challenge as they arose with confidence. We appreciated the fact that you worked with us on the changes that occurred daily, and stayed within the budget and time frame. Your team was helpful and courteous. We especially liked the temporary wall that you placed separating the living room from the kitchen. It kept the sound and dust away from us and our pets. The kitchen turned out beautiful. It was our vision and you made it happen. We spoke with many of our friends that have had unfortunate relationships with contractors. We are grateful to have had such a positive experience working with you. There is more remodeling to do, and our only choice is MDM for the job. Appreciatively.

Hans F.

I've bragged about him to everybody. I just got back from Maine on a trip and I told everybody, this guy is unbelievable! ... I’ve never had a contractor like him. I can’t say enough good things about him. This guy, his word is his bond. The guy is as straight as an arrow, you can’t find fault with him. He’s a prince, I can’t say enough about the man.

Frank C.

My wife and I recently had a project designed and built by MDM
The project was a remodel/addition and took approximately 15 weeks.
The project went smoothly, from the design phase through construction and cleanup.
For clarity, I've broken down the different phases below.

1. Convert a master suite (bedroom, bathroom, closet) into two bedrooms, a bathroom and stairs.
2. Add a new (upstairs) master suite.

Mike was our first interview and our overall impression was a positive one.
My wife and I interviewed two other candidates for the project.
These two interviews went well but we settled on MDM Construction for a few reasons:
1. Best communication. Mike is reachable via email, text, and phone calls. With our busy schedules, this was a key factor in our decision.
2. Price: Mike was not the cheapest nor the priciest... he was right in the middle and I got the feeling he was completely honest with us with his quote.
3. Vision: We explained to Mike what our budget was and what we wanted to do. He laid out a rough concept for us right there in the interview which matched our vision.
4. Cost sheet - Mike drew up a quote for us which included a breakdown of material costs, from the toilet paper holder to rain gutters. This illustrated to us that he knew exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it.

Design Phase
Once we decided to go with Mike, things went very fast.
He had an electronic draft sent out via email within a couple of days of signing the contract and my wife and I communicated our desired changes via email.
After agreeing on a final plan, Mike went ahead and took care of our permits and after a few weeks we were ready to break ground.

Construction Phase
Construction was fast, and overall went very smoothly. His framing team is top notch, all of our inspections passed with no major issues and we were able to live in the front half of the house while the work was being done. During construction we had a few design tweaks and Mike and his team were able to easily accommodate these changes.

Cost: No hidden costs, very straightforward. If we went over budget it was our choice and we paid for it up front. Not the cheapest of the three we interviewed, but also not the most expensive.

Our project has been complete for only a couple of months, so it’s difficult to judge this on a fair scale. I will assume the quality is fine as speaking with the inspectors, they mentioned the work was done well.
Speed: Finished ahead of schedule.
What more can we ask for?

Excellent. Very easy to communicate with.
Bottom line: If you want a solid job done for a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with MDM Custom Remodeling.
P.S. We loved your crews... Keven, Carlos, Julio, George were all excellent.
I really can't say how good they were. All were professional, courteous and fantastic to work with.
To see a sample of the work, I kept a weekly blog of the construction project at http://ijustwantedaskylight.blogspot.com/

Mr. & Mrs, Steven

We had gotten three bids for a remodeling job, a fairly extensive one. We elected to go with MDM. ... I guess he inspired a confidence factor. ... I have to tell you I am just amazed at how efficient the crews are. Everything is coordinated well, the materials they’re using are excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. As matter of fact I have gotten a call from one of their other prospective clients, and I invited them over to see the job here. I was very pleased.

George V.

We cannot give high enough praise for MDM. Not only was the work performed perfectly and timely, but with such a wonderful personal touch. We hear about other families and their experience about construction, and we feel so lucky that we had Mike on our job. Thank you so much... Your ears must have been burning all day because of all the compliments we were saying about you and MDM! It is always a pleasure to show off our beautiful remodel, and to recommend you and your team concept. You truly offer the "total solution". We also have received many calls from potential customers who say you told them to call, and we give our highest recommendation. One lady wanted to come see the house as well, and she did!

Marlene N.

Normally I do not write testimonial letters. . . . And when I do it is usually not until after the job has been completed. However, I am so delighted with the work your people have been performing that I feel compelled to let you know at this time so you can invite prospective clients to come and see the quality and professionalism of your work. It’s been a little over three months since you started our project. I think the job is about three quarters done. We’re adding approximately 800 square feet to our home as well as a major kitchen remodeling. Your employees work like ants with diligence and professionalism. The materials you have been using is of a quality at least if not better

than I expected. Your handling of the few little problems that have come up is commendable. Please feel free to give my number to any prospective clients. I will be delighted to have them come to see first hand what a good job you are doing. We’ve dealt with good contractors in the past. I must say that MDM is tops.

Howard S.

I highly recommend Mike and his MDM for your remodeling project. I had a difficult time finding the right contractor to renovate my mom’s house and to build an addition. Few people call ed me right back and the ones I met with said my mom would have to move out during the construction and renovation, which would mean additional costs for storage and rent for an apartment, but Mike called me right away, came to my home on a Sunday afternoon to meet with me, and made it possible for my mom to stay in the house during the entire project. I was impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge, and genuine concern for our family, but it was his portfolio that really confirmed that he was someone we could work with on an expensive project. He has images on-line of his previous projects, so we could see the results ourselves. So far, we have had a positive experience working with him. During such long projects, nothing ever goes perfectly, and unexpected problems do occur as there are many different people dealing with different aspects of the construction (these problems were not Mike’s fault, but miscommunication or misunderstanding on the part of subcontractors), but whenever there is a concern or problem, we bring it up with Mike and he always does his absolute best to resolve the matter quickly. Rest assured we have had only a couple of incidents like this in six months (pretty amazing); we did not have any serious problems or conflicts during this project. Neighbors have come by to ask about our contractor because they have seen how quickly his crew worked to build the addition. I know many people who have had problems with their contractor and experienced considerable delays. Because Mike is always available by email and phone, and gets back to you promptly, there is less of a chance of iscommunications or misunderstandings. We feel that our questions are welcomed and he gives us great advice and suggestions. He also understands how important it is to work within our budget. My family and I are very pleased with his work so far and are happy to recommend him to anyone. We feel very fortunate that we were able to get Mike when we did, and we feel that he genuinely cares for the people he works for, and understands what a huge investment of time and money this is, so he does his best. You should feel confident that you will be hiring a reliable and experienced contractor.

Shilton H.

I wanted to let you know that the work done to date has been exceptional. Though there have been a few minor issues, they are always handled promptly, and to a fair resolution. Your work crews are polite, courteous, and always behave in a professional manner. The job site is maintained organized, and the crews clean up at the end of each day. The construction is being done with top notch materials. As you know, I took almost a year to choose my contractor for this job. You have backed up your promises with actions. If the remainder of the job continues to be at the same level of quality and service, I can finally have a contractor that I can wholeheartedly recommend to my friends.

David C.

Roxanne and I are sending this letter to express our satisfaction with the quality of service received so far with our construction project. You have been a professional since day one and appreciate your punctuality for all scheduled meeting. All questions and concerns have been immediately addressed and resolved in a timely manner. The work crews are also punctual and courteous. We look forward to the project completion and are confident we will be completely satisfied.

Roxanne L.

I am writing on behalf of Paul and myself and we want to sincerely thank you and tell you how pleased we are in our beautiful newly remodeled home. We added on 330 sq' and remodeled our existing house. Now have a new living room, dining room, office, master bathroom, powder room. It's the dream house we hoped for. We plan on many years of happiness there. As you know, in this day and age, it's difficult to find professionals who stay true to their word and we were very nervous about starting this project. Since we were new to the remodeling experience, we did not know what to expect. You made it pain free as possible, from beginning to end. We appreciated your patience, your expertise and the fact that you were willing to work with our ideas. And above all, you listened and followed through on every aspect. We also would like to commend your crew. The framers carpenters, plumbers, roofers, concrete people, hardwood floor installers and electricians. They were all professional, extremely helpful, and punctual and cleaned up well and there never was a trust issue. We appreciated this since we were living on the premises while the work was going on. You accommodated any changes and concerns we had along the way. If anyone asks us if we can recommend a reliable contractor, we will certainly tell them the positive experience we had with MDM.

Thank you again for everything Michael (Moshe). You've become more than just a contractor, but a friend. We both wish you great success!

Kim G.

The work you have done is wonderful. We are very pleased with the quality, craftsmanship and timeless of the whole project. Your workers have been courteous and professional, and your accessibility via email has made the entire process much easier than anticipated.

Elizabeth A.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our home at Valley Spring Lane in Studio City CA. Finding a contractor for a home remodeling is a high anxiety task and both my wife and I are thankful that your conduct throughout the process put our minds at ease. I was particularly impressed by your timely responsiveness and your dedication to responding to all our needs and concerns during the remodel. Furthermore, you stayed on schedule, you delivered what you promised, your workers were professional and your job was neat. All in all , we are very pleased and we look forward to recommending you to our friends and family.

Thanks Again
Anthony C.

We are glad to send along this letter of general reference. Please note that we are quite agreeable to providing a telephone reference should a potential client like to call.

We have worked with you for almost nine months and so we do have a good sense of your character and your style of operations. As you recall, you worked with us first on developing a remodel plan for our older house. After three months, we decided to abandon that plan and to design a new house instead. We’re both agreed that you were patient, supportive, and instructive throughout that period of time.

You have also been extremely prompt and responsive all along the way. We have always felt that we were in close contact. As for our new home, there are of course issues’ as with any new construction’ but you have worked through these issues with us in cordial and professional manner. Indeed, you are so gosh darn likable that it is hard for things not to be friendly.

We are holding our breath on the final outcome, but every day we do so with more and more confidence. As for a referral to another client, we are of course most supportive.

And please, use our house for a demonstration walk-through at your pleasure.

Very truly yours,
Barbara D.

As we have all heard said or said ourselves, construction is a frightening prospect because so many bad stories and experiences abound. Well, we want to say that you, with the support of your various crews, are tipping the scales way into the positive direction. It was definitely our lucky day when we first made contact with you almost an entire year ago. Until the actual start of our project you inspired trust and confidence. Fortunately we were not disappointed during the course of the construction process. Ours was not a simple project; even though square footage wise one might think it shouldn't have been a big deal. But "the devil lies in the details" and you mastered those details superbly. Thank you for always being available. Your answers to any questions were often instantaneous. Problems that did arise were solved by you with a professional calm. Not only are we pleased with the results of what was contracted for, but we also want to point out that you were generous in several respects where the contract did not dictate it. All in all, we can only state that MDM has made this project a pleasure and we would never hesitate to recommend you and your company wholeheartedly to anyone who is interested.

With sincere gratitude,
Randy & Silvia S.

I wanted to share with you an interesting side of the construction experience which we are really enjoying! As is to be expected, friends, family, and neighbors are constantly asking us about our home construction process? I thought you would enjoy knowing that we get such a kick’ telling people how smoothly our project is going. People react as if we are the only family in the history of Brentwood whose project proceeded ahead of schedule, below budget, and with out stress. People respond with such surprise when I describe our contractor as a study in efficiency, honesty, and integrity?, who treats our project as if it were his own family home. And now the part I enjoy the most- when

I tell them how I found you, they generally just look at me in disbelief. I thought you would enjoy hearing this.

James K.

Most people can relate to me when they say they have big dreams. I never thought that my big dream would come true until I met you and your company. I have always dreamed about building my own custom house and you have made it possible for me. I just want you to know what a great job you and your crew are doing on the construction of our house. My wife and I are very pleased with how everything is going. The house is looking beautiful and the construction is going faster than ever. A couple of weeks ago there was a couple of walls standing but now I have a beautiful two story house. Your crew you have working on my house is great. I see them every day and they are very courteous and kind. They are also true craftsman. I am also very pleased with the way you handle your customers. You put up with all my questions and all my changes and you have no complaints about them. You are very helpful and knowledgeable in what you do. I had a lot of choices to pick from in contractors. I had interviewed at least seven of them. I think I could have interviewed at least 100 contractors I still don?t think I could have found one as good as you guys. I just want to take the time to thank you and MDM construction for the great job you are doing. I will recommend you to any one I run into who is looking for a contractor and need some work done.

Ryan N.

The first time I used MDM was for a flat roof to a metal add on which since I moved in was always leaking despite what I put on to seal it. Moshe (Mike) sized up the problem right away (the roof was never put on right) and offered a solution that did not require ripping out the old roof (he was able to put new roofing over the old material) and which Thank G-d has done the job. I then asked him about replacing a wall made of glass panels with a regular wall. Among the first things he said (in order to satisfy code requirements about the amount of natural light in a room) was that a window would need to be added to one outside wall (a fact that a previous person who had given me a quote did not tell me). This give me the impression that this was a person who cared that I should not be in any code violation. To make a long story short, I hired MDM to do that job and two others (a kitchen and a bathroom remodeling). I would definitely recommend him to do any job you need large or small.

Joel E.

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