Home Remodeling Los Angeles

Adding some extra space in your house with the help of an adequate remodeling service is a very common need in Los Angeles, this encouraged us to offer the home remodeling service in this city. We are MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., a family owned remodeling service provider. We are a licensed remodeling agency and it’s been many years that we are associated with the service. Our room addition service also incorporates – room addition, design, engineering and production.

We take all the required responsibilities to offer adequate home remodeling service. We offer 3D design prior to the work so that you can have a better understanding of your project. Our complete room addition and home remodeling service also includes acquiring the permits, 3D design, architectural and engineering design, blueprints and actual construction as well. This is to save your time and money.

Distinguishing features of MDM

We discuss the budget before starting the project and plan accordingly so that you can get the best outcome at your allotted budget. You can browse our website and the client testimonials to have a better insight of our service. Call us at 866-224-0464 or sent an email Mike@MDMCustomRemodleing.com

Home Remodeling Gallery

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc has presented most beautiful Home Remodeling all over the Los Angles. We are proud to offer you the Home Remodeling gallery.

There are lots more pictures from our projects of home remodeling. We have the whole gallery waiting for you. just follow the link bellow.