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So, you are staring at your walls and thinking of renovations. After all, who else wants to have faded and dull walls and gets comments from guests on that! But your wallet is quite tight now to afford an expensive wall renovation. So what to do!

Well, we can help you out here with some remodeling ideas that won’t hit your pocket much but get your job done. You can refresh your walls in the cheapest ways while adding style to your premises. 

Here’s HOW you can make a wall renovation affordably

Of course, we won’t suggest you going for DIY because it could be a risk to your investment and wall renovation project! In today’s blog, we have discussed some smart and affordable ways to remodel your wall that will fit any taste and style while leaving your guests spellbound! Let’s get started:

Repair and repaint your walls!

Generally, people think of wall renovation while finding cracks and holes on different portions of it! If you have found the same, the best thing you can do is asking our home remodeling contractors to fix that! 

Once your walls get repaired, it’s time to paint them with something bright and bold if the room is small. Or else, you can go for the neutral or darker one as well. The entire project will cost not more than $500, even if the labor costs vary!

What’s about the wallpaper?

Now, this is something you can call going with the trend! You just need to spend around $30 per wallpaper roll and the labor costs. For example, a 16-by-20 room needs a maximum of twenty wallpaper rolls that will come in $600. For the design ideas, you can talk to our remodelers of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc!

Installing open shelves!

If you want to hide the faded walls or fill those with some eye-catchy things, try shelving ideas! You can install floating wooden shelves and utilize them to arrange your wonderful book collections. 

Creating an accent wall!

With our team of home remodelers, you can try this accent wall renovation idea! The bright and bold paint or the mural one will be apt for your walls here. It will make the walls look stunning even in the small space! Was it helpful? If YES, you try this out! Also, you can find more such ideas on Yelp, select some, and sit with our experts for a discussion if that would work for your space. Keep on reading our blogs to learn more!