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So you reside in LA and stick on a plan to renovate your kitchen. That’s a great undertaking for home upgrades! In fact, you may already have started looking for luxurious and trendy designs for custom kitchen remodeling over the web! We ensure you a perfect final finish to your kitchen exactly what you want!

But selecting a design doesn’t make your job get done! Keeping an eye on setting up the budget for kitchen remodeling is also essential. Before the project kick-off, learn here how much the overall renovation will cost in Los Angeles.

Find out the overall expenses for custom kitchen remodeling

The first step of starting to budget is determining the upgrades you want. If you want to go with a simple kitchen makeover, the expenses will be average. The more luxurious style you will select, the higher the outlay will spike up! Such as:

New installation of backsplashes, tiles, and countertops!

No doubt, these changes can bring a stunning makeover to your dull and outdated kitchen design! Some homeowners prefer choosing a completely new color scheme and material for these spaces, while a few go for the same design upgrade.

No matter which one you decide, both can leave a huge impact on the overall kitchen design. On the contrary, the expenses will differ, depending on your choice of size and material of backsplashes, tiles, and countertops. 

You should consider the average costs for both $12,500 around, but custom kitchen designs will go higher!

 New flooring for your kitchen!

While upgrading tiles, countertops, and backsplashes, the 80s’ flooring design won’t match here! As an average expense, you can count $5,000 for kitchen flooring that can go up for the material and design you select. 

You can create an elegant and cohesive look in your kitchen by choosing the right color and style! Make sure that it goes with the rest kitchen design while looking into Yelp for more ideas!

Add new cupboards to the kitchen!

For a proper custom kitchen renovation project, installing new cupboards can’t be missed! With stunning custom cupboard designs, you can bring a unique look to your kitchen that will add a WOW factor. 

The custom design can range from about $20,000 to $27,000 these days. Your budget can vary for your choices of finishes, materials, the number of cupboards, and designs. In fact, you can look for different sheds for upper and lower cabinets.

How’s about the appliance replacement?

Do you have a tight wallet right now? Then, going for a custom kitchen remodeling might be a challenge! Why don’t you go for appliance replacements? It can allow you to get a clean and fresh look in your kitchen.

Contrarily, replacing kitchen appliances is affordable than an entire kitchen renovation. You need to spend up to $35,000 around! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our remodeling contractors suggest looking for new refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens! Have you all set? If so, contact MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. now! We assure you of the best custom kitchen renovation project as you desire! Stay in touch!

A kitchen remodel can transform a home entirely. It’s a place where days start and finish and family members gather. It means the kitchen of every home needs to be functional. And that’s what one can achieve by custom kitchen remodeling services. It’s a home improvement project that can boost the value of a property to a great extent. In Los Angeles, most potential buyers consider this space first while visiting a home.

So, if you are planning to give your outdated kitchen a modern appearance, go for it. But before that, one must know a few crucial things about kitchen remodeling. And these are what we have introduced in this blog. So, keep on reading!

What to Know Before Receiving Custom Kitchen Remodeling Services

Listed below are a few important things that you need to know about kitchen remodeling.

1. You Can Customize Your Kitchen

With custom kitchen remodeling services, you can customize your kitchen according to your wishes. There is a range of options by which you can upgrade your cooking space. You may wish to replace laminate countertops with marble, granite, or stone. Or install a mid-priced faucet and sink. You can replace your cooktop with an energy-efficient option. Some prefer painting the kitchen walls, while others go for changing kitchen backsplashes. Visit Yelp to explore more options.

Well, whatever you want through custom kitchen remodeling services, make it clear to your contractor.


The kitchen remodeling budget majorly depends on the material selection and the upgrade you want to make in your kitchen. In this regard, there is no ‘real average’ cost. But you can manage the overall cost by making the right selection. For example, choose the less expensive material, but durable one for your kitchen countertop. You need not change the position of the plumbing system of your kitchen.

However, consult with your relatives, neighbors who have recently invested in this project. And make a realistic budget according to their words. In this regard, consider visiting Facebook to get ideas.

3. Different Kitchen Remodel Layout

In terms of kitchen layout remodeling, you can consider the following options. 

  • Walk-Through Kitchen: It works best for a small kitchen. These kitchens come with two walls opposite one another. There should be two parallel countertops and a space in between them.
  • U-Shape: Do you have a large kitchen? Want to incorporate a kitchen island into it? Then go for this kitchen layout.
  • L-Shape: This type of kitchen usually have two countertops on adjoining walls, which forms an L.

4. Designs for a Kitchen Remodel

Haven’t you visit Pinterest Yet? Here, you can explore a wide variety of kitchen design options. But we always suggest three significant designs, when it comes to style. These include:

  • Contemporary Kitchens: For a contemporary kitchen, consider opting for dark cabinets and bright countertops that come with marble or granite. You can also go for stainless steel surfaces.
  • Farmhouse Kitchens: This rustic-style kitchen comes with a blend of dark and light wood. Here, you can include vintage accessories, lantern light accessories, etc.
  • Traditional Kitchens: Traditional kitchens have painted cabinets, hardwood floors, and tile backsplash. This type of kitchen is the best option if you want the most ROI.

5. Obtain a Building Permit

In Los Angeles, one needs to obtain a building permit for custom kitchen remodeling services. If you want to change the overall footprint of your kitchen, make sure you are well aware of building codes. Otherwise, the project will come to a halt, which is quite disappointing for a homeowner. Hence, it’s better to appoint a kitchen remodeling contractor who will take the entire responsibility for it.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Call us today and get a free consultation! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have years of experience in offering custom kitchen remodeling services in Los Angeles. Our experts always prioritize the design that can make a kitchen functional and look elegant. So, rely on us and have your dream kitchen within your budget.

Remodeling any part of your house is a big responsibility from the perspective of both investment and work, and you come to realize this fact, right after you start the project. Unlike the home decorating job, remodeling is a time consuming and expensive endeavor. Hence, it is advisable that you should educate yourself thoroughly about the different effective aspects of it before stepping into the job, so that you can make a better investment which can be recouped considerably in the future.

This has been reported by various surveys that home owners prefer to start the remodeling project with kitchen. Aside from the fact that kitchen contributes largely to increase the resale value of the house, an appropriate renovation job can also exhibit a prolific ambiance to the entire house. Accordingly, it would be wise enough to stay informed about the different break-ups of expenses that go proportionately with the investment. Considering all these aspects, before starting the project is important but above all, you should consider your budget and should calculate how much of your investment can be recouped. You can follow this simple example to have a clearer view about the investment:

 If you make an investment of $25,000 for kitchen remodeling and if your home costs around $350,000 then unless, the resale value of your home reaches over $375,000, you won’t be able to see any Return on Investment (RoI).

You can calculate these figures with the help of remodeling contractors and the proper picture will make you more assured before making the investment.

Your responsibility doesn’t end once you are done with confirming your affordability and the investment amount; you should further try to possess detail knowledge of which part of kitchen renovation project holds how much percentage of the overall investment. The table below will guide you the respective charges:

 Different parts of kitchen remodeling and the impact they have on the overall budget:      

PAINT 2% TO 3%
TILES 1% TO 2%

* This is a hypothetical example and may vary depending on the real-time situation.

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