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Second Story Addition LA: Key Reasons to Go for It

Second Story Addition LA

Second story addition is undoubtedly a feasible option for a growing family. This approach can solve a lot of problems. In LA, many homeowners prefer to go for this home improvement project if their home lacks space. Apart from increasing the living space, a second-story addition can boost the value of a property. Are you planning the same? Well, before you go for a second story addition in LA, learn a few key reasons to go for this approach. And these are what we have introduced in this blog. So, let’s start exploring!

Why You Should Add a Second Story to Your Home

Each homeowner needs to increase the living space at some point in their lives. And in this regard, nothing would be an ideal option other than a second story addition. Now, go through the following lines to know why we are saying so.

Gain More Living Space

A growing family means they require more living space. But it doesn’t mean you will start hunting for a bigger house. You can meet your requirements at your existing home with a second-story addition. This approach will allow you to gain extra square footage to accommodate your growing family. Most importantly, you need not give up your living area that suits your lifestyle.

Increases the Value of a Home

The value of a property majorly depends on the liveable square foot area. And that’s where the importance of second-story addition in LA lies. The extra space on the second floor increases the value of a property to a great extent. That’s why many homeowners prefer doing this home improvement project before selling their homes.

Second Storey Addition in LA

An Affordable Option

In LA, many homeowners consider that knocking down the existing wall of a home can be easy. Yes, it can be in terms of blank space. But when it comes to renovating a home, budget is always an issue.

To speak the truth, the cost of adding a second floor is cheaper than renovating a home. The cost of this home improvement project lies between $1,850 and $3,300 per square meter. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and need more living space, go for a second-story addition in LA. You can also visit Yelp to have a clear idea about its cost.

Enjoy the View from Upstairs

Want to enjoy the outside view from your bedroom? But you can’t do it at your existing home! Then go for a second story addition in LA. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and chill out without stepping out from your home. But to fulfill this requirement, you need to remember a few vital things. Well, the general contractor you will hire will help you in this regard.

second story addition

Flexibility in the Structural Design

It’s one of the most significant advantages of adding a second story to your home. With this approach, you can customize your home according to your necessities and tastes. In this regard, the most basic design option is to construct bedrooms on the second floor. In LA, many homeowners who select the choice usually translate the ground area into an extensive open floor plan. You can visit the Facebook pages of different contractors to have a clear idea about it.

Get Your Full Yard

Adding a second story will allow you to enjoy your yard. It means you can retain your favorite landscape features. Maybe, you wish to do a landscape project here in the future. It can be adding a pool or deck. So, whatever you want, if you have a plan like this, go for adding a floor vertically.

Extra Privacy

A second story addition is also a great option to enjoy privacy. On the second floor, you can build a master bedroom or a parents retreat. It will separate you from your parents. In this regard, visit Pinterest to choose the right design. In addition, a second story can reduce the chances of your neighbors seeing inside your bedroom.

However, one needs to appoint a reliable general contractor for a second-story addition in LA. And that’s where we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are quite famous in Los Angeles. We are a family-owned licensed and insured company offering this service at a competitive rate. So, fix your appointment with us.

Second Story Additions in LA – The Essentials You Should Know!

L.A. Second Story Additions

Second Story Additions in LA to home bring solutions for a lot of problems. Maybe your children are growing. Or your parents will come to your home for permanent living. Therefore, if your home lacks space, adding a second story will be the best option. In LA, many people prefer this home improvement project when it comes to increasing their living space. But before taking this approach, one must learn a few crucial things about it. And that’s where this blog will help.

Here, you will come across significant information about the second-story additions in LA, which every homeowner should know. So, let’s delve into the following passage.

Why Add a Second Story to Your Home in L.A?

Go for this home improvement project due to the following reasons.

  • Increases Living Space

It’s one of the greatest advantages of adding a second story to a home. Most importantly, you need not move to another home due to the space issue. A second story addition will allow you to increase your living space with the ideas that suit your lifestyle. With more rooms, your family can live comfortably. Having an additional space means you can stay in your home forever. And enough space will be available in your home for a multi-generational household.

  • You Need Not Sacrifice Your Yard

This home improvement project will allow you to build on the top of the ground floor. You can increase your living space even on a small block. But you need not use your yard to extend the size of your living space.

Second Story Additions in LA

As a result, you can enjoy your outdoor area with a pool, a beautiful garden, and an amazing playground for your kids and pets.

  • Enjoy Beautiful Views

A second story addition is a great way to enjoy the amazing views of your area. For instance, if your home is located near the ocean, you can enjoy its view from a window in a second story. And you need not go outside from your house for this amazing view. In the second story, you can also build a balcony where you can relax by looking at the pretty sights in front of you.

These are the reasons why many people prefer second-story additions in LA.

How Much Does It Cost for a Second Story Addition in LA?

A second story addition may cost around $100 to $300 per square foot. But several factors can influence the cost of second-story additions in LA.

The budget of this home improvement project majorly depends on what you want to achieve through this project. You may wish to have two bedrooms on this floor. Or you may want a bathroom, kitchen, and dining space.

In terms of a hillside lot, this project may take more time and cost more money. It requires a soil engineer to determine whether any additional foundation work needs to be done or not. If you want to get more ideas about the cost of this project, visit the Facebook pages of different contractors.

How Long Does It Take to Complete This Project?

According to home improvement contractors, building at least a bedroom and bathroom may take almost three to five months. Besides, there are many factors on which the timeline of this project depends on. It can be the county where your home is located.

Second Story Additions

If the addition is extensive, it may take almost twelve months.

Before starting this home improvement project, one should remember a few crucial things. Continue reading to explore these.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Second Storey Addition

Considering the following factors will help you get a perfect result.

  • Is Your Home Structurally Feasible?

Make sure your home is structurally feasible for a second-story addition. Otherwise, your house would not be able to bear the load capacity of a floor.

  • Design

Whatever you want to make in the second story, choose the right design that matches the rest of your home.

  • Approval

A second story addition will change the fundamental structure of a home. Hence, in this regard, council approval is necessary for proceeding.

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are famous for handling the project of second-story additions in LA. Our company is licensed and insured. So, rely on us. And visit our gallery page to see our work samples.

2018 Room Additions Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator Tips to Accomplish 2018 Room Additions Project

Thinking to add extra square footage in your old home to make it fit with your lifestyle? It is undoubtedly a wise decision to make your home more comfortable place for leading a happy life. But, it is one of the important investments which need perfection. If you do any mistake regarding this, it will be considered as a lifetime mistake. Therefore, most of the homeowners get confused while making a plan for room addition. If you do this task successfully, then it will surely enhance the value of your property. So, are you ready to add extra room in your home? Wait and think for a while. Are you well aware of the expected budget? Have you calculated the total budget? If not, then you are going to make a great mistake. In this modern economic condition, it is really challenging to fulfill your needs in a low budget. Therefore, if you are dealing with a tight budget, then it will be necessary for you to approach expert contractor for Cost Calculator of 2018 room additions project.

Thinking to add extra room in your home
Basically, room addition is an expensive project which needs a huge amount of money to complete the project successfully. But, as a totally inexperienced guy, it will be next to impossible for you to calculate the approximate budget. Actually, budget depends on how many rooms you are going to add. Only the expert contractors help you in this situation. Along with that, you can follow the tips given here if you are especially dealing with a small amount of budget. Let’s scroll down the next part of this blog.

Tips to finish off room addition project at a low budget amount

Tips to finish off room addition project at a low budget amount

Here are some tips that you can follow for room addition –

Tips 1# Consult an architect
If you are going for larger home addition, it will be expensive for you. Though everyone wants to have a big and spacious home, yet economic situation is the main constraint for the individuals. If you have a not a large amount of budget, then it will be better not to go for DIY method while making designs. Go to an experienced architect for making such a design which will suit your budget limit. In this regard, for the better understanding, you can see our room addition gallery.

Tips 2 # Avoid both kitchen and bathroom addition at a time
If you are dealing with budget oriented difficulties, then it will be the best for you not to go for kitchen and bathroom addition at a time. It will make you expense huge amount of money as both the works depend on the plumbing system. Not only that but also you need to install many costly appliances while adding bathroom and kitchen. Instead, you can go for a family room addition or bedroom addition to suit your budget.

Best Room Addition Service Provider

Contact us for the best solution

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., are here to provide you with the best solution regarding room addition. As one of the successful custom design and remodeling company, we can fulfill your demand for making a dream home. To get updated information about Cost Calculator for 2018 Room Additions, you can contact us through our website. We’ll feel us lucky to help you make your dream fulfilled.

Room Additions Before And After

Bring a massive improvement with room additions service before and after

So, is your wife a mom-to-be? Wow! It’s just awesome news that a new family member is coming to your home. But, are you ready to welcome your little-one? If not yet, then why are you still waiting for? Upgrade your home with all modern features and styles to offer a warm welcome to your would be child. But, in this situation, when a couple is planning for extending their family, they feel the need to add extra space to their home. Even, many homeowners start thinking to buy a new property. But, as we all have some good memories with our home, it seems to be difficult to move a new home. Instead of shifting a new home, isn’t it better to add some extra square footage to the existing home? You may have some unused parts in your home. With the professional touch of contractors, that unused part can be turned into a wonderful living space with innovative interior designs. Room additions, before and after makes you experience a dramatic change in your living spaces.

contractor for room addition
Though adding a new suite to your existing home is a time consuming as well as an expensive matter, yet it comes with a lot of benefits. Here, I am sharing those benefits that you can avail after adding extra space to your home. Let’s scroll down the below pages to explore those facts.

Allow you to change your style of living
Many people cannot lead a comfortable life and are not able to fulfill their dreams regarding their home because of short spaces in their living areas. After adding extra space, you will be able to transform your lifestyle. Like all the other homeowners, you may be also eager to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, you want to install modern furnishings. But, if there is not enough space in your home, how can you do that? In this case, room addition will be the effective solution for you. If you want to know the effect of room addition, then visit our photo gallery. Here, you will find the before and after photos from which you can get an enthusiasm to make a plan for room addition project.

For maintaining independence
Everyone has some privacy in their life and for that, they want a personal space. But, due to short spaces in the living area, most of the homeowners face difficulty. Especially, when your children are going to be adult, they need an extra space for leading their life. Therefore, you need to add extra spaces in your existing home to fulfill the need of your family members.

Room additions, before and after

Hire the professional contractors for room addition

Room addition is such a work which needs to be done by experts. So, if you are thinking to add extra square footage to your home, then for the best result, seek the help of experienced contractors like us. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., are the family owned and licensed general contractors. With our professionals, you can experience a visible change for the room addition, before and after. Also, we are here to provide you with the best solution according to your budget limit.

Room Additions Ideas

Implement Smart Room Addition Ideas with the Experts

In the modern economy, people are working hard for meeting up with the expectations of their and the family requirements. Constructing a house for providing shelter and security is no more the basic concepts of the homeowners. In fact, they build a house keeping in mind the necessities of their dear ones. However, with the passing of years, the family begins to expand and this call for providing additional space for accommodation. The need of the growing family can be satisfied with room addition ideas. As for the other alternative of buying a new house is quite an expensive affair. Not all individuals could afford to bear the huge expense.

Activities of efficient general contractors
Hence, numerous individuals in the city are opting for the service. Are you experiencing a similar situation in your house? Are the family members forced to compromise with their desires due to inadequate spacing? This service could bring a permanent solution to the problems. But, there are several factors that influence the idea. The following page is a continuation of the discussion.

Factors that must be considered prior to implementing the ideas

It is suggested to consider the following factors as it influences the plans to be implemented.

Set a plan
The first point to take into consideration is the layout of the house. You will need a sufficient space for adding a new room. Hence, set a plan before you opt to proceed with the project.

Purpose of the room
You must have a clear idea about the purpose of building a new room. For instance, you need to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor for redefining the kitchen space. The implementation of the idea highly gets influenced due to its requirement.

Budget fixed
The budget that you have fixed for investing in the project plays a key role. This will help in selecting the right service provider.

 room addition plan

Is it mandatory to hire professionals for the job?

Have you made plans for implementing smart room addition ideas in your property? It’s time that you call the experts for executing the project.

In the current economic condition, everyone tries to save money by all possible means. Therefore, some of the homeowners make the mistake of hiring amateurs and allowing them to continue the project. They might save money in the initial stage but it would lack the quality of work and perfection. Hence, for gaining an adequate value for your money hire a team of professionals from a well-reputed company.

Visit us for getting assurance of a quality project

If you are in a state of the dilemma for searching for a reliable service provider come to us. MDM Custom Remodeling Inc is one of the well-known and trustable service providers. We provide quality service in the city and its nearby surroundings. Our team of professionals consists of talented and skilled general contractors having years of experience in the field. They can also provide some of the fantastic room addition ideas depending on your needs. We assure you of providing quality service at the best possible rate.

Amazing Strategies for Achieving a Perfect Room Addition

It is not necessary that a person having four family members will always have that many members always. The family grows days after days and so as the need of extra space in the house. This has become one of the major problems is highly populated cities like Los Angeles.

Due to high population rate, it is difficult to find a big home at an affordable rate in Los Angeles. This is what made many people choose the alternative and cost effective way to increase the space of their house, i.e. room additions. By adding an extra room in your existing home, there is no need to shift to a new place with your whole family.

This is why it is known as one of the most hassle-free ways of remodeling and increasing the space of the house. But, for achieving a perfect addition result in your house, you have to follow some rules or strategies. Those strategies are the key to a perfectly remodeled house.

Eminent Room Addition service is available here

Strategies for addition of an extra room

    • Nothing is going to take place properly if you do not plan for it beforehand. Planning will help you to know everything before even starting the room addition work. So, you can avoid many work problems that can arise later. It will help you to know how many materials, manpower and other things are going to require for the completion of the work. So, you can say that planning will help you to save time and money both.


    • Another strategy that you must follow before going for the actual work is to know the purpose of the addition of an extra room in your house. Various people construct an extra room in their house for different purposes. Some build it for having an extra living room, some for storage, some for the kitchen, some for the bathroom and the list goes on. By considering the purpose of the addition service, you will be able to build the best room suitable for the specific purpose and also hire the perfect home remodeling contractor of your area as every contractor has a specialty in different things.


    • Solving out money related matters with the contractor is very important beforehand to avoid spending more than your budget. It is seen that many people start the work without discussing the budget with their contractor and as a result, their expenditure gets out of the budget. So, it is important that you discuss the budget with the contractor to get the job done within your budget and also achieve a quality result.


Home remodeling
Best company to provide such services

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. can help you to achieve the best room additions in the entire Los Angeles area. Our professional contractors can help you to sort out any kind of problem you are facing with the addition process. With a team of professionally experienced and skilled employees, we are providing various kinds of services like home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, etc. Just give us a call to taste the work of professionalism.

Room Addition – Utilize the Available Space Smartly

In the posh city of Los Angeles, the rates of real estate property are increasing at a rapid rate. Even then, many of the homeowners are searching for a new property. One of the reasons is insufficient space in their existing property. An individual build their house with the intention of providing all the facilities required by their family members. But, with the passing of time, the demand and requirement of more space become a point of concern for all. This makes the homeowners search for a better and bigger property to cope up with the requirements. However, if they invest their money in room additions services it could bring them more benefits in the future.

room addition is a budgetable home renovation service
People in the city, make necessary changes in their property with varied remodeling projects. But, many of them fail to understand the importance of making a new addition in their property. In the pages below, you will know the benefits of investing in the project.

Why Invest In Room Addition Services?
Having guests in your house is a common issue. However, the homeowner might have to face embarrassment due to an insufficient room to let their guests reside. The situation could have been avoided if they have built a guest room in their property. This is one of the instances to define the importance of room additions by the homeowner. However, besides saving from embarrassment there are several other benefits of the service. Here are some of these:

Versatility of Space
Depending on the location of the room constructed, the add-on room could be used as a versatile space. It could be used as an extra bedroom or a living space.

Enhance the Value of Property
If you have free space in the property utilizes it smartly by making a new addition that will enhance the value of the property. These days, potential buyers are ready to pay more for comfortable spaces.

Better alternative
You can save a lot more money otherwise spend on buying a new property. The project is an economical alternative to relocating to a new place.

Elegance the design of your house with room addition service
Points To Consider Before Indulging In the Service

The above-mentioned points might have inspired you for investing in the project. But, there are certain points that must be considered by a homeowner. This includes:

  • The decision of what exactly is required by you
  • Making a distinct idea of the space you want to be constructed
  • Hiring reliable home renovation contractors near you for the project
  • Planning the budget you are ready to spend on the project

Visit a Leading Service Provider in Los Angeles

These kinds of complicated projects must be executed by a team of professional contractors. You can hire the service of ‘MDM Custom Remodeling Inc’. We have been in the industry for several years and have been providing excellent service of room additions. Our team of professionals is experienced, skilled, and talented for handling these kinds of projects. Hire us for gaining satisfactory results within an estimated budget.

One Simple Way to Get the Successful Room Addition in Your Property

As the family grows, we need some important things to add to our family even on our property too. We all have the individual likes and dislikes and according to that, there are frequent and continuous changes in the house. Room additions are amongst one of them to get done by a maximum number of homeowners in Los Angeles, CA.

So, when you are going to add some extra rooms in your property, you need the help of professional home renovation contractors to get the job done at an affordable price range with the skilled and expertise. Here are few tips which will help you to evaluate and reflect the style and the personality you have, in this renovation service.

room addition contractor
Importance of Hiring the Professionals to Get the Best Outcome

Whenever we are going to consider some service in our property or for our family, the first thing we use to think about is hiring or getting the best as per our budget because we want to keep our family with all the comfort and benefits we can afford, do not you believe the same? So you can understand the need for the professional contractors for the room additions in your residential property.

There are plenty of benefits which we can get by hiring the professionals like you will get the best service and proper guidance with their handpicked and experienced professionals. You are getting enough opportunity to share the views and need you have from the service. Even if they are the renowned one, then you do not have to get worried about the price structure also.

They will never charge you more than it takes to get the service done, so you can hire them without anything to get worried about. In general, you can say not only the room additions but also the remodeling service is something in which you can exactly get what you are paying for. Whoever you are hiring, never ever follow their decisions blindly if they not sound suitable for you.
Room addition structureIf you are going to hire the renowned one then there is a security that they will never force you to follow and accept the decision they have taken. You can ask and share your point of views too with them, which will help you to explore new ideas of improving the flaws you have in your property. Before hiring or selecting anyone, try different options to grab some more deals and discounts from them.

There are a lot of service providers who use to offer their services at a low price structure but they do never team up with the professionals who can fulfill the need you are looking for the service. You must not hire the amateurs in order to get the service at an affordable or low price structure than usual. To find out the renowned professionals, you can hire the renowned service providers in this field, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc to get the best quality service with them.

Eminent Room Addition

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Eminent Room Addition

Are you planning to expand your family, but are worried of the space you have in the house? Or not satisfied living in the small house with a limited area.

If these are the points you are worried about then relax, reliable room addition service providers are there for your assistance. They are professional, they are experienced, so, you don’t need to worry about it at all.
Eminent Room Addition service is available here

How to deal with space limitation?

Most people sell their existing home and shift to another one to satisfy their needs of extra space, but this causes them a huge loss of money as well as time. But here the features of this service which are comparatively a better option rather than shifting your home in terms of cost are being discussed. Now those whose families are expecting to grow or want to expand their family don’t have to think much as they can add rooms or space in their existing home without shifting anywhere.
Find best  room addition service in Los Angeles

Room Addition versus Shifting to Larger Homes

Shifting from existing house to another with larger space is annoying for many as it means searching for the desired location with all the required amenities. It is also a time consuming process. In our day-to-day busy life where time is money, spending both time and money is never a wise decision hence house owners often prefer going with this addition service which saves both time and money in a comparatively convenient manner.

Another reason why room addition is regarded as a better option is, in the future if you want to add a space such as an extra bathroom for your guests you can use the facility of this service which is otherwise not possible.

Make your life some more elaborating

In today’s hectic schedule and busy lifestyle one hardly gets time to cherish with family and friends. But with the help of room addition service you can add a comfort zone for you such as an additional bathroom with a spa tub to make you feel relaxed and let you enjoy the beautiful aroma of scented oils to sooth your senses. You can even elaborate your kitchen to exhibit your talent of cooking on a Sunday house picnic. Why not add a master bedroom to spend some quality time with your family. Now you can easily call upon friends or relatives to stay at your place or even for a night out as you can provide them with additional room to stay.

All these facilities and many more is provided with this service. Now, the key concern is which company to hire for the job. There are certainly a number of them available but if you want to go by the experience and reliability of a company, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc is undoubtedly the best alternative in LA. They are one of the eminent renovation and addition service providers in the city, offering their service for years.

They have their team of properly trained and highly experienced technicians who at first analyze your existing structure, then listen to your ideas and views about the room addition service.

They also provide services such as:

  • 3d design of the architectural and engineering plan
  • Customized home renovation service
  • Bathroom renovation service
  • Kitchen renovation service

So, if you are planning to add some extra space in your house anytime soon, the best option for you is to visit the website  and get in touch with the professionals to discuss your project.

Room Addition

What Puts Room Addition Service Into The Notice Of Others?

Are you worried about the shortage of space in your home? Looking for a new bigger home for your growing family? Want to use your unused space of home? There is no need of worry! Room addition is the perfect solution for you!

What is room addition?
The service is best defined as the service that gives you more space in your existing room. Adding more space to your room is important for a better accommodation and room addition service helps you to get relief from the stress of moving to another house. This is the win-win solution for you also for your home.

Why a room addition service is required?
For the better functionality in your room- This is important for every family to manage better functionality of the room. There is no denying to the fact that an on-growing family pays more value to free space in the house and this is the right time to opt for the addition service. When the family size is more than the required, and the home space is not sufficient enough, there is a need of arise of expanding their important rooms. Room addition service adds an extra space that gives you better functionality.

Tell your requirements to the remodeling contractors
Room innovation– when a family inherits their old modeled room, kitchen, they wish to renovate or remodel their existing part of the building. They require room addition service. This service provides you a new modeled room as well as adds more space to your house. Again there may have some damaged portions in different parts of your house that can affect your impression to your guests. Surprisingly, adding some extra space in the house can be an effective solution to overcome that too!

Use of unused space– in your home, there may have some space that is left unused. Through the room addition service you can make some use of those spaces, which expand your functional area of the room. Thus, you will be able to manage more different types of activities in your house.

Room Addition is not a easy job for you.
Companies, providing room addition service, are also ready to serve other additional services like bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation, leaving room designing and also the interior decoration, a must-to-hire service especially for the new house owners.

Eminent companies take some basic requirements into consideration. The first requirement is they should go through the customer need properly, then design the plan according to the need and then execute the plan. There must have good coordination between the customer need and the company plan.

Now-a –days room addition service is easily available in Los Angeles. It’s a very popular service in today’s World. Various companies have started providing this type of service in Los Angeles and in other parts of the world. But it must be confusing to select the best one among all these companies with similar type of service. Before choosing the best room addition service company for you, you have to consider some features to have the best one engaged for you. It requires an expert to get the best result. It is suggested to have only the best subcontractor. Materials also should be of the highest quality. There is also a very important thing that matters- customer budget. The whole thing should be within your budget and without compromising with the quality.

In Los Angels, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc is one of the best room addition companies having a good track record with required features. They have been providing this type of service for many years. They have expert and experienced team to provide you the best result. They also try to go with your budget and accomplish the work within the stipulated time period. So, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc should be the best choice in Los Angeles for any type of remodeling tasks.