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3 Complete Home Remodeling Facts Remain Untold by Reality Shows!

Are you one of those homeowners watching home makeover programs? Then, you may believe everything about complete home remodeling showing on it. For example, from the paint color to the latest flooring ideas- Isn’t it? But you shouldn’t do that blindly because several facts are there that your reality TV series never tell!

home remodel

Complete home remodeling facts that reality programs never tell

Here are the things that your home makeover shows don’t reveal to the audience. Such as:

Never rush into a decision!

Suppose the first episode of the home makeover program shows that the owner decides to renovate his home. Then, the renovation has started in the second one! But in reality, you can’t be in so rush to make such decisions. Research your options for remodeling, look into our gallery, set the budget, and then sit for a discussion! It takes more time than you think!

living space remodel

You can miss sure things!

In the shows, you may have seen the homeowner getting estimate, meet the contracting company, and your home renovation gets done in a week. Well, that’s not a too easy nut to break! The programs never tell about the unexpected costs or the bidding up of the market price that you may face!

kitchen remodel

Your home doesn’t fit that!

Maybe your favorite house makeover reality program shows the amazing transformation of the old home design. But the hosts do not reveal that every design doesn’t go with your home structure. You need to pick a style that fits in here while within budget. And we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to help you with that! Have you got that why blind trust on your home makeover programs doesn’t make sense? We hope that you will stay aware of it from now! And if you want to ensure our service quality, look over the reviews on Yelp! Stay in touch!

Custom Staircase Designs: What to Look Over for Your Home!

Picture this: You are looking forward to renovating your home. Of course, plenty of options are there on Google. From flooring to wall paint and upgrading your kitchen and bathroom- you can pick any! But have you ever thought of custom staircase designs? Maybe never because of assuming to have a long planning procedure! Isn’t it?

However, that’s not at all! Only you need to consider and check a few steps to do so! Here, we are to discuss HOW!

staircase designs

Quick steps to plan Custom Staircase Designs

No doubt, a custom staircase is a perfect addition to any home or office premises. It’s, especially when you make the right choice from the trendy home stairs designs! All you need is to consider the following steps regarding this:

modern home remodeling stairs

Search for the inspiration

While planning a custom staircase for your home or office premises, there must be a design in your mind. It comes from the inspiration that you may have found somewhere, whether it’s Google or at any of your friend’s! But before coming to any final decision, ask these questions yourself:

  • Does this staircase design fit your space?
  • Should you go for the straight or curved stairs?
  • Is this custom staircase design a perfect match for your interior layout?
modern home remodeling stairs

Choosing staircase type

Now, it’s time to decide on the right type of stairs. Here, you can get help from our experts too! For instance:

Straight stairs:

If you want to have that traditional look in your interior layouts, go for straight custom staircase designs! You can find the design options like L-shape, scissor stairs, and more that come with no change in directions. In fact, from simple and conventional to modern and complex- all varieties are available in a straight staircase! 

Curved staircase:

Even you can find some of our clients on Yelp saying that curved custom designs for staircases stand better in the test of time. With different sizes and shapes, round staircases bring grace and elegance to the space!

home stairs
Picking the right style

After deciding on the curved or straight custom staircase designs, it comes to style! It will help you include unique features in the layout that will make your space more stunning. The styles are:

  • Modern
  • Ornamental
  • Craftsman 
  • Traditional 

Have you found it simple now? Great, then! If you have made mind about the custom staircase design you need, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can help you! Stay in touch for more such ideas!

How to Create a Home Remodeling Project Budget with EASE!

Without a doubt, a home improvement project can be a HEADACHE unless you have a proper financial plan to execute! In fact, you can find it overwhelming and challenging to create a home remodeling project budget if it’s your first time. After all, too many questions keep popping up in your mind!

For example, “How should I include the cost in the budget?” “How to estimate the labor costs!” and so on! Don’t panic! In today’s blog, we are here to help you in this regard.


Simple steps to plan Home Remodeling Project Budget

Well, it’s MUST to sort out the questions going on your mind to obtain a perfect estimate plan for the project. You may have already read so many clients’ comments on Yelp to ideate our charges for home renovations.

Still, ideate nothing? Follow the tips below to create the budget that will ease your task. Such as:

Start with research!

Admit or not- the more time you will give to plan your budget, the less unexpected expenses you have to go through! This additional effort not only holds up the project but ideate you the average outlay of what you can afford or not.

For instance, the permits for small home remodeling projects are near $200, while it can go up to $5000 for the bigger one! On the other hand, the timeline affects the budget drastically!

Get proper quotes!

You may have already checked different home remodeling designs on Pinterest and decided on the best one fitting your needs. Make sure to get estimates from our contractors to have a specific and projected budget idea! They can provide you an accurate estimate as per your project and property size. 

Consider the labor costs!

Yes, you may have included two-third of your budget for the material costs, but what’s about the labor charges? The labor costs vary for the location, season, and project complexities. It’s better to consult your contractors regarding this!

home remodel
Reassure the budget!

Once you have done all the previous steps, re-check your budget while finalizing the designs. Make a checklist, mark all the budget, and include flooring, tiles, paint, cabinets, fixtures, and more! The expenses can range between $20,000 and $1,00,000 around. Have you found these ideas helpful? Let us know! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest following these tips to prepare the home remodeling project budget before it kick-off! Stay in touch to learn more!

Timeless Inspirational Living Room Ideas to Copy Now!

The living room is the part of the home where you can get social with your family, friends, and guests! Whether you are watching TV or enjoy the fireplace, the space must be as perfect as to explore your unique version. And inspirational living room ideas can help you create so!

In today’s blog, we can guide you to design your living room in a way that can leave you amazed and spellbound! On the other hand, it would be functional too where you could lounge carelessly.

Living Room Ideas

Some Inspirational Living Room Ideas to consider at yours

You have to make the right choice to hold the depth and style in your living space. With our experts of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, you can make the perfect decision in choosing inspirational living room ideas. Have a look:

Combine the gold and silver!

Generally, people either go for golden or silver when it comes to decor their room. But do you know that their combination can wonder at your living space?

The golden and silver interior style can give the room a warm beauty and create a perfect statement of luxury! For example, you can combine mirrors with polished brass details and a golden luxury armchair in your living space.

How’s Black and gold style?

For a luxurious living space, this combination can work just like a MAGIC! Black and gold fusion brings the style that can stand the test of time and remain timeless even after a decade. For instance, you can keep gold tables while creating black marble walls for perfection in layout! You can go through the testimonials on Yelp to check the feedback on this inspirational living room idea.

The magic of the chandelier!

Many homeowners find it quite outdated, but it’s the REVERSE! The empire-style chandelier can create an elegant atmosphere in the room but with a modern touch! The layer of brass and crystal can fit in both small and larger living rooms, but the size differs.

The fusion of marble and gold!

When you want to have both classy and elegant features in your living room, nothing can beat the predominance of marble and gold. You can give an exquisite look to your space with a bigger golden coffee table with a marble top!

Living Room

Have you liked any of these? If you need more inspirational living room ideas, browse our home remodeling photo gallery! Here are the best living room designs that will make you fall in love. Stay in touch!

Planning a Wall Renovation? Find 4 Easiest Ways to Do So!

So, you are staring at your walls and thinking of renovations. After all, who else wants to have faded and dull walls and gets comments from guests on that! But your wallet is quite tight now to afford an expensive wall renovation. So what to do!

Well, we can help you out here with some remodeling ideas that won’t hit your pocket much but get your job done. You can refresh your walls in the cheapest ways while adding style to your premises. 

Here’s HOW you can make a wall renovation affordably

Of course, we won’t suggest you going for DIY because it could be a risk to your investment and wall renovation project! In today’s blog, we have discussed some smart and affordable ways to remodel your wall that will fit any taste and style while leaving your guests spellbound! Let’s get started:

Repair and repaint your walls!

Generally, people think of wall renovation while finding cracks and holes on different portions of it! If you have found the same, the best thing you can do is asking our home remodeling contractors to fix that! 

Once your walls get repaired, it’s time to paint them with something bright and bold if the room is small. Or else, you can go for the neutral or darker one as well. The entire project will cost not more than $500, even if the labor costs vary!

home wall renovation
home wall renovation

What’s about the wallpaper?

Now, this is something you can call going with the trend! You just need to spend around $30 per wallpaper roll and the labor costs. For example, a 16-by-20 room needs a maximum of twenty wallpaper rolls that will come in $600. For the design ideas, you can talk to our remodelers of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc!

Installing open shelves!

If you want to hide the faded walls or fill those with some eye-catchy things, try shelving ideas! You can install floating wooden shelves and utilize them to arrange your wonderful book collections. 

Creating an accent wall!

With our team of home remodelers, you can try this accent wall renovation idea! The bright and bold paint or the mural one will be apt for your walls here. It will make the walls look stunning even in the small space! Was it helpful? If YES, you try this out! Also, you can find more such ideas on Yelp, select some, and sit with our experts for a discussion if that would work for your space. Keep on reading our blogs to learn more!

Home Corridor Planning: 5 Stunning Ideas to Make It Always Welcoming!

Are you on the hunt for unique but trendy ideas for your corridor? That’s a great attempt! Especially when your guests are sudden visitors, you should be ready for the surprises. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest making the entrance welcoming all the time.

After all, it’s the space that your guests notice first on their arrival! And with us, you can achieve a perfect home corridor planning that fits your space, taste, and preferences.

Are you eager to update your hallway? Then, keep scrolling and find which corridor idea seems apt for you!

Home Corridor
Home Corridor

Amazing ideas to add style to your corridor space

As m mentioned before, you have to keep your hallway space always welcoming when your guests have habits to surprise you. And our following home corridor planning ideas may help you to do so! 

Also, you can check our home remodeling gallery page too! Now, let’s take a glance at the ideas:

space brighter corridor
space brighter corridor

Make your space brighter!

Well, you don’t want your guests to step in and fall while crossing the dark hallway! In fact, lighting up that space is the best way to plan your corridor at the first step.

And we advise you to go for the pendant lights that hang towards the down that make your space look larger and brighter than it is! But try to avoid those harsh lights that can turn your hallway a little bit darker.

hallway flooring
Hallway Flooring

Adding some style to the hallway flooring!

Do you have a plan to renovate your hallway? If so, it will be great to focus on flooring! No doubt, you will get a wide array of options in styles, materials, and colors. You need to pick the one that looks unbelievably gorgeous while easy to maintain. And tiles fit perfectly in this requirement!

neutral color scheme corridor
Neutral Color Scheme Corridor

Always go for the neutral tones!

Stop complaining that you have narrow hallway space! When you know the right way to style it, having a small corridor doesn’t matter much! If you want a makeover to this space, the neutral color scheme can make it brighter and look larger than before. 

Especially with white walls and a large mirror, the style will overflow! For more such ideas to design a small hallway, you can check on Yelp as well!

wall-in storage
Wall-in storage

Have you ever thought of wall-in storage in the hallway?

Maybe, NO! Wall-in storage is a unique blend with trends that can make wonders in the hallway space. You can decor it in your way, but that must not look messy!

Your choice of paint, design, and decor ideas- all reflect your personality and taste! It can either leave a long-lasting impression on your guests or spoil it at once! That’s why you must be careful about your choices, even for home corridor planning.

contemporary corridor
Contemporary Corridor
Giving a contemporary look!

While after both adding value to your premise and giving a stylish look to your corridor, it’s apt! Just by adding sanded flooring, you can do so that comes with a contemporary Scandi-finish! From start to finish- our experts will get you all covered! Also, for more home corridor ideas, you can follow us on Facebook! Keep on reading our blogs!

Home Remodeling Plan – 5 Tips to Get the Best Return on Investment!

Remodeling a home can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. It involves so many details that can easily make you puzzled. Remember, it’s a big home improvement project that will even increase the release price of a home. Hence, home remodeling requires careful planning to get the best return on your hard-earned money. In Los Angeles, people are quite concerned in this regard.

Are you planning to modernize your outdated home? Then consider following these tips we have put together in this blog. So, keep scrolling down!

Home Remodel
Home Remodel

A Few Handy Tips for Your Home Remodeling Plan

Home remodeling can change the overall look of a home. It can make your house more functional and comfortable to live in. So, as a homeowner, don’t you think that you should be aware of the tips for its plan beforehand? Then have a look at the continuing segment.

Decide What You Want

With this home improvement project, you can customize your house according to your wishes. So, first of all, determine the goal that you want to achieve through home remodeling. You may wish to have a luxurious bathroom. Or, you want to build a sunroom or a master bedroom. Well, whatever you wish, express your desires to the contractor before making a deal. In this regard, it’s best to visit Yelp to explore various options to customize a home.

ceiling remodel

Set a Realistic Budget

Determining your budget and financing is one of the most crucial steps for home remodel planning. Your budget would include the cost of building materials and permits, labor cost, cosmetic touches, decorations, and so on. So, decide how much you can afford to make an upgrade to your home. Then conduct thorough research on the overall cost of this project. And make a realistic budget. Besides, you can have a detailed idea by visiting Facebook pages of general contractors in LA.

Hire a Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor

Make sure you deliver this gigantic responsibility to a reliable home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Ask for a copy of their license and insurance before finalizing a deal. And ensure the professional has years of experience in performing this task. The home remodel tips provided by an experienced contractor can fulfill all your wishes. In this city, you will find many contractors who create a 3D model before starting their tasks. So, appoint such a contractor.

bathroom remodeling

Make a Timeline

Begin your home remodel planning by selecting a start date. The contractor you hire would calculate the length of the timeline for each portion of the project. Determine which part you want to get remodeled first. Make sure the timeline involves the delivery of building materials and preparing for the project area. The completion date should be decided with keeping a few extra days in mind to address unexpected issues.

Focus on Bringing Natural Light

Who doesn’t want to make their homes brighter and airer? In this regard, nothing would be an ideal option other than allowing natural light to your house. If possible, try to incorporate large windows. Whether it’s your bedroom or kitchen, natural light can enlighten the space indeed. You can also build a mudroom to obtain this benefit. This approach will reduce your monthly electricity bill to a great extent. Visit Pinterest to explore more ideas.

kitchen remodel

Need professional assistance for a home remodeling plan? We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are ready to help you out. The plan we suggest will help you save costs on your home remodel. Our experts have handled many projects in the greater Los Angeles area. So, why wait? Make a deal with us! And read other blogs for more updates.

Home Remodel Tips – 7 Ways to Fulfill Your Desires!

So, the time has come to upgrade your home, right? Well, home remodeling is a big investment that you will ever make. Hence, make sure you take each step cautiously. That’s why most homeowners in Los Angeles leave it to home remodeling contractors. They will remodel your home according to your wishes. The home remodel tips they offer will give peace of mind in return for your investment.



So, before you get this project started, it’s wise to have a look at these tips. And that’s the topic we have discussed in this blog.

A Few Home Remodel Tips to Opt for

Do you have a plan of selling your home in the future? Then this home improvement project will benefit you a lot. It can increase the resale value of your home to a great extent. But before that, have a look at home remodel tips suggested by contractors in Los Angeles.

1. Upgrade the Front Door

The front door will be the first impression of your home. But if you are unable to change it completely, get it repainted. It can also affect the lighting of your room. And whatever the color of your walls and ceiling is, apply the same, but a little bit lighter. Remember, too much one shade may overpower a space. Hence, if you want to repaint the other doors, go for different shades.

2. Choose the Right Paint Color

Choosing a paint color is one of the most vital parts of remodeling a home. Remember, paint effects lighting. Hence, opt for the color that will enlighten your home. And dark color can shrink the space. However, if you are on a restricted budget, choose a black and white palette. And this is what will give your home a modern and sophisticated look. In this regard, you can explore numerous options on Pinterest.


3. Pay Attention to Your Kitchen and Storage


Is your kitchen not functional? Then consider changing the layout of it first. And that’s where home remodeling contractors show expertise. They will provide you with several options for kitchen layout remodeling. You can go for an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. But it’s prudent to leave it to the professional.

When it comes to increasing the storage of your kitchen, they suggest various tricks. You can hang a pegboard. Besides, using a magnetic knife holder can also be the best option. Some prefer to have under-shelf storage, while others store items inside the doors of a cabinet.

4. Install Large Windows

Make your home energy-efficient by installing large windows. These will allow the natural light to enter your home. But if you don’t have a sufficient budget, get these painted. And go for the lighter shade always as compared to the rest of the room. This is what will maximize the light coming through windows. Visit Yelp to get more ideas in this regard.

5. Change the Floor

Upgrading the floor of a home can be expensive. But a reliable home remodeling contractor can fulfill your wish within your determined budget. In Los Angeles, there are several flooring options you can choose from. These can be marble, tile, vinyl, engineered, and so on. But whatever you choose, make sure it suits your home. You can also visit Facebook pages of different home remodeling contractors to explore more options.


home remodel

6. Update Your Bathroom

Contractors always focus on this area first while giving home remodel tips to their clients. Well, first of all, make sure you choose the bathroom flooring that is slip-resistant. You can update your toile fixtures. If you don’t want to install new items, fix up your existing toilet by changing its paint. In addition, pay attention to the pressure of the shower before getting your bathroom upgraded.

7. Choose the Right Design

Whether you want to add a living room or an office room, choose the design carefully. Make sure the design you pick suits well with the rest of your home. Otherwise, the entire look of your home interior may be spoiled.

So, wait no more! Contact MDM Custom Remodeling Inc and get an effective home remodel tips. We are available in the greater Los Angeles area offering this service at a competitive rate. Go through our other blogs for more detail.

Facts to Count on for Residential Home Remodeling in Los Angeles

Home remodeling is an ideal approach to give your home a modern appearance. It’s a vast home improvement project that can change the overall look of your house. That’s why many homeowners in Los Angeles can’t understand where to start from. Are you one of them? Well, in this regard, it’s prudent to emphasize a few factors first. It will help you carry out the entire project smoothly. And you will get the expected result. Now, read the entire blog to explore the top considerations of residential home remodeling in Los Angeles. And get it done with a reliable contractor.

residential home remodeling

What to Consider for Residential Home Remodeling

Home remodeling can boost the value of a property to a great extent. It will allow you to live comfortably in your home. This home improvement project can even change the standard of your living. Besides, if you have a plan to sell your home in the future, this approach will benefit you a lot. With the right home remodeling design, you can attract the attention of potential buyers. But you may not meet all these expectations unless you consider the following factors.

Your Goal

First of all, determine what you want to achieve through this project. Maybe you wish to extend the living space of your home. Or you want to make your kitchen and bathroom more functional. So, whatever you desire, make these clear to the contractor. Otherwise, the project may end up with a mess. Or it may come to a halt in the midway. Therefore, determine your goal first.


Residential home remodeling in Los Angeles can be expensive. The cost of this project actually depends on the features that you want to include in your home. Nevertheless, many people hesitate to make an improvement due to this factor.

Hence, in this respect, it’s prudent to research the cost of this project. And make a realistic budget depending on the information you garner. You can visit Yelp to get help.

residential home remodeling Los Angeles

Experience of the Contractor

Make sure you hire a home remodeling contractor who has years of experience in this industry. An experienced contractor will fulfill all your expectations within your determined budget. They always prioritize quality and leave no stone unturned to meet their clients’ requirements.

Therefore, ask how long the professional has been in offering this service. And interview the residential remodeling contractors who have at least five years of experience.

Building Materials

When it comes to remodeling your home, look no further but choose the right building materials. Remember, the structural foundation of your home majorly depend on this factor. And this is what will save your bucks in the long run.

For example, you can opt for granite or quartz for your kitchen countertop.  Choose quality tiles and slip-resistant flooring for your bathroom. But before you choose building materials, consult with your contractor. You can also consider visiting Facebook to get help.

Design Ideas

Choosing the right design ideas is one of the most vital steps for residential home remodeling in Los Angeles. However, ensure you choose the idea that will make your home more functional. And, also pay attention to the aesthetic appeal.

home remodeling Los Angeles

In this city, you will find many contractors who are well aware of the latest trends. The ideas they provide will make your home interior look fabulous. You can also get inspiration by visiting Pinterest.

Building Codes

It’s one of the most vital factors to take into consideration for residential home remodeling in Los Angeles. So, before you proceed, make sure you are aware of building codes. This home improvement project must abide by the rules and regulations in your area. Otherwise, you have to pay a high amount of penalty.

Hence, the best option is to hire a contractor who can take all the responsibilities of a building permit. Their assistance will reduce your burden and take forward your project smoothly.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc will fulfill all your requirements. Our professionals have handled many projects of residential home remodeling in Los Angeles. We will give you an estimate so that you can make your budget. So, fix your appointment with us and get ready to have a luxurious home.

Do’s And Don’ts While Appointing Residential Remodeling Contractors

The home renovation projects are one of the hardest parts for most of the homeowners – it’s finding a reliable and dependent contractor to complete the job. To begin with, you can Google “home remodeling contractor near me.” Now make a list of the general contractors that satisfies you. There are numerous residential remodeling contractors in the city but select the best from it. But how? You will have to follow these rules to achieve a successful project.

Remodeling Contractors


Things To Consider Before Selecting Residential Remodeling Contractors

We all know the stories of horrible contractors who destroyed the project and never tried to take care of it. It ended up costing three times the original estimate. Sometimes it is also stressful to work with a professional contractor. Therefore, to reduce the anxiety, make sure to comprehend the checklist:

  • Before the beginning of the project, ask the home remodelers for a 3D design. The 3D designs offer accuracy in work without any error.
  • Check the reputation of the company. Visit the website or Facebook page of the company to follow the reviews. If they are positive, you can pick the company.
  • Consider the services provided by residential remodeling contractors. If they don’t match with yours, move on with the next company. 
  • The organization should have a license and experience. 

Do’s And Don’ts Of Working With Remodeling Contractors

As it is not possible to deal with the home improvement projects alone – let the professionals tackle your job. Read the following lines to get a clear insight into the topic.

Residential Remodeling Contractors

1. Researching is crucial, but remember who is the professional.

DO research home remodeling projects before getting the quotes. It is essential to know your needs before handling different approaches to home restoration. Each of the companies for home renovations is pole apart from the other. Some may want to paint the room with tinted primer while others with one-coat self-priming paint. You can visit Pinterest for other dependable options.

DON’T think that you are a professional with little knowledge in home remodeling. Besides, it is inconsiderate to believe that the home remodeling contractors will complete the projects like the ads on television. It will take time. Professionals will discuss the hidden complications and underlying problems. 

2. Get competitive bids, but don’t purchase the cheapest bid provided.

DO receive the competitive bids. You can call 2 or 3 contractors for home renovation. But for larger projects, hire a minimum of 4 to 5 contractors. The competition is higher in the market. You can follow some learned tips for home renovation within your budget. So, don’t get easily dragged by one contractor without proper research. 

DON’T purchase the lowest bid offered by the company. When the residential remodeling contractors are offering cheaper prices than their competitors, it means something is wrong. In the middle of the remodeling process, they can add the hidden cost. Therefore, avoid them at any cost. 

3. Negotiate for an affordable price, but don’t get too obsessed.

DO negotiate for a reasonable price. Select the best general contractor for home remodeling near you. If they ignore negotiating for the labor cost, ask them for some discounts on materials.

Residential Remodeling

DON’T get too obsessed with your demand. Healthy negotiation in business is always acceptable. Sometimes the rate gets higher because it has to. Any credible company offers insurance and quality materials. Besides, a reputable contractor carries the project according to the owner’s expectations. 

4. Carefully check the references.  

DO examine the references and check the portfolio of finished designs of the residential remodeling company. Visit the site where the remodelers performed the same project. For more recommendations, consider visiting Yelp.

DON’T get carried away by the contractor’s charm. Therefore, ask these questions to the past clients:

  • Did the contractor explain what he was doing?
  • Do they complete the project smoothly?
  • Were they punctual?
  • How was your experience?

If you receive satisfactory answers, you can work with your hired professional.

Well, these are the do’s and don’ts while hiring the experts. You can work with reputable home remodeling contractors like MDM Custom Remodeling INC. Our company is licensed, insured, with high-skilled experts. So contact us, we are waiting for you!