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Kitchen in ADU Garage Conversion in LA County: How to Do So!

Having an outdoor kitchen may be the best thing if you love cooking and spending time outside! And when you have a garage that is not in use, look into our projects of the kitchen in ADU garage conversion in Los Angeles County. And you need to hit your pocket not much but a little bit around $35,000 that is, no doubt, worth spending!

kitchen in ADU garage conversion

Things to do to make Kitchen in ADU Garage Conversion

Yes, our team of designers and contractors are here to guide you in the entire project from A to Z! Still, you need to take some steps to ease the process. Such as:

Get some inspiration!

In simple words, you should look over different outdoor kitchen ideas that fit your preferences and taste. It will help you provide our designers with a clear idea of your renovation needs. For instance:

  • The placing of windows and doors
  • Cabinet designs
  • Countertop material and style
  • Sink and wall color
  • Kitchen appliances and more
kitchen in ADU garage conversion

Make a list of your amenities:

Once you have got a few perfect design ideas for your cooking space, it’s time to list all your preferences! You can include here:

  • Which type of flooring do you need for your kitchen?
  • The plumbing needs, including faucet finishes and designs
  • Cabinets and countertop materials
  • Paint and more

In fact, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest a consultation with our experts to ensure if your choices suit your space and budget.

kitchen in ADU garage conversion

Look for the route design:

After deciding on the kitchen layout, find some ideas on magazines or the web to connect the outdoor cooking space to the main house. It might be:

  • Via adding a small home or hallway
  • Open archway connecting exit and new kitchen
  • A passage to the living space from the new kitchen

Also, we offer double-garage conversion into one bedroom. For such ideas, follow us on Facebook! Stay connected!

Planning a Complete ADU Remodeling? Never Miss These 3 Facts!

So, you need additional space at your home. The reasons could be any of these, like guests, elderly parents, home office, or something else! In fact, a  complete ADU remodeling in West Los Angeles is quite in a craze because of becoming a source of earning for many homeowners! They rent the backyard cottage or granny flat, whatever you call it, and make their wallet full of dollars.

ADU kitchen

But before you consider building one, make sure you keep the things in mind that we are here to disclose in today’s blog.

What to keep in mind for a Complete ADU Remodeling

Here are the things you can’t miss even for a second while planning for ADU on your premises. Or else you will end up experiencing challenges after the project kicks off! Such as:

garage conversion ADU

Parking lot

Do you have a plan of parking space attached to the ADU? If so, you may need permits to do so! Not every area in Los Angeles has the same regulations about parking space. Before you come to any decision, talk to our ADU contractors. 

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we handle the building permits, including the parking lot of ADU! But when your home is close to any public transportation system, you need not worry about it!

ADU new addition custom windows

Easy access

While asking our ADU designers to make the ADU floor plan or choosing a design over the web, keep this in mind! The space must have easy access to get in and out for the person living there. Make sure that the unit has a simple passage to the street that should be clutter-free too! For such design ideas, you can follow us on Facebook and look over our past projects!

Living room space ADU

What’s about privacy?

No matter if you want to rent the ADU or plan a workshop here, privacy should be a concern here! Now, it depends on who lives here. For instance:

  • If the unit is for your elderly parents, you need not worry that much about privateness.
  • While renting the ADU, be sure to provide them complete privacy as much as possible! They shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, after all!
  • Even for your workshop, you may not prefer any invaders peeping into your tasks in your absence.
ADU room planning

We hope you will find these tips quite helpful during the project! Anyway, if you need an ADU in Los Angeles at your place, let us know! Our contractors will handle the ADU design and construction from start to finish. Stay in touch!

Add an ADU in Your Backyard Space to Use It in 4 Ways!

No matter if you need to make your pocket a little bit full, need privacy, or reserve your guests for a few more days, having additional room is a MUST! Do you have the same wish? Then, add an ADU (Accessories Dwelling Unit) in your backyard if you have enough space there! 

Accessories Dwelling Unit can offer you a great space to relax or having fun with your family and friend. On the contrary, you can rent it out and boost your monthly income! Options are plenty, and the choice is up to you!

Accessories Dwelling Unit

How to utilize the space by adding ADU in your backyard

An ADU can fit any space in the backyard, depending on your needs. On the 0ther hand, you can keep it detached and separated from the primary home while getting extra square footage.

In fact, even if you have a small space, you can build a functional ADU with our space-saving ideas! Here’s HOW you can utilize the space:

ADU guest house


Do you love to spend your weekend or summer holidays with your friend and family? If so, an ADU can allow you to have a great entertaining space in your backyard to host such small parties! From 3D design and construction to plumbing and electrical- we will get you all covered!

rental unit ADU

Creating the rental unit

Adding the ADU to your backyard can be a great way to have supplemental income for homeowners. You can give this space in rent and utilize it as a flexible housing solution as well.

multipurpose use of ADU

Having a multi-purpose room!

If you have looked over our clients’ reviews on Yelp, you may find most people asking for ideas to utilize their backyard space for multi-purpose use. And yes, with an ADU addition, you can get that so!

It not only adds beauty to your premises but meets your space requirements for any purpose! For instance, you can use this space to create a workshop, home office, or gym to keep you fit every day!

granny flats

Granny flat

It’s a great idea to keep your elderly parents near you on their last days! Building an ADU in your backyard can give you that opportunity while providing your parents or relatives with their own living space. They will be just a step away from your home in the same lot!

So, which one will you prefer to add to your backyard? That doesn’t matter! But you can count on us for any of our services for Greater Los Angeles. Stay in touch to learn more!

What to Ask About Accessory Dwelling Units Before You Get One!

Less space at home? But a tight budget to buy a new one in LA? Don’t worry! Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles can be the best solution for you to this problem. Even when you have the budget to get a new home, leaving all convenience in the current location just for space doesn’t make sense.

In fact, it’s better to create an ADU on your yard in the same plot and covert an unused space in the home. All you need to sit with us and discuss the design you want to have.


Confirm your queries about Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units add not only space but an elegant curb appeal to your home. You can check our previous blog on ADU designs and ideas and discuss the style you desire.

But before that, you must clear the confusions and queries lurking in your mind.

Can I convert the garage into ADU?

Many homeowners have doubts if they can legally build an accessory dwelling unit. Yes, you can do so if you live anywhere in LA. You can convert your garage space into an attached or detached rental room to make it livable. But the regulations may differ from one place to another in California.

How much do you need to spend on ADU and garage conversion?

There’s no certain answer! It can vary depending on your structural requirements and budget. For example, you can estimate at least $150,000+ for a full custom rebuild of a detached or attached ADU. Contrarily, $60,000+ is expected for a simple garage conversion. You may get such budget ideas from the reply of customers on Yelp.

Detached or attached ADU or Garage conversion: Which makes more sense?

Some people who have a budget limit go for garage conversion, while a few prefer building a new detached or attached ADU. Also, the following advantage and disadvantages may help you decide so:

  • A garage conversion is time-saving while less expensive than building an ADU, as mentioned. You can spend only on interior decorations, not on the roofing and foundation.
  • On the other hand, you may get less return on investment if having a plan of selling it. After all, you have left with no parking space! 

Do you want to ask something else? At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we will answer all your queries and provide you the trendiest designs for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Keep on reading for more blogs!

ADU Rules and Regulations in LA – What You Need to Know!

Are you willing to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? It’s a great idea to increase the value of a home! In Los Angeles, many homeowners prefer using their garage space in this regard. So, if you have an outdated garage left for years, get it converted into an ADU. But are you aware of the rules and regulations of constructing this unit? Well, as a homeowner, it can be tricky to figure out the permissible height, size limit, etc. Don’t worry! In this blog, we have highlighted a few ADU rules and regulations, which will help you conduct this project smoothly. So, before you hire an ADU contractor, learn these first!

ADU Design

Comply with These Rules and Regulations for Building an ADU

Building an ADU is a great home improvement project. But to get it done, one needs to abide by building codes in their area. Otherwise, the project will be stopped, and the property owner will have to pay the penalty. Hence, to avoid this unwanted situation, it’s imperative to comply with the following ADU rules and regulations.

Size Limit of ADU

In Los Angeles, if you demolish your existing garage, you can build an ADU with the same dimension. And the height would be the same. One can get this unit built on their existing footprint. Whether it’s an attached or detached ADU, the size should be as same as the size of your garage. But if your garage is separated from your home, you can increase 150 square feet of the ADU for accommodation. In this regard, consider visiting the Facebook page of different ADU contractors.


Fire Safety

You need not require fire sprinklers in terms of a garage conversion ADU. If the ADU doesn’t need local fire access requirements, which are less than 150-200 feet from the curb, the local government may require sprinklers. If the ADU walls are within a certain distance from your property line and the main house, the building code will require a fire-related wall. Visit Yelp to know more.


The garage converted ADU must have an exterior entrance separated from the main house. And in this regard, you need not require building a doorway between the main dwelling unit and the ADU. It will actually depend on your requirements. And the rule is the same for a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit. But make sure you deliver this responsibility to the contractor who is well aware of ADU standard plans.

Property Line

In Los Angeles, there are several kinds of ADU you may have witnessed. But whatever the type you want, make sure you have at least four feet of a setback on your unit. And this is what means that it needs at least four feet of space between the property line and the edge of the unit. But in terms of converting a garage, you need not worry about it.

ADU Structure

An Accessory Dwelling Unit must meet certain zoning and building codes for specified usage. One can convert their garage into an office room, study room, bedroom, etc. However, in this regard, you can replace the garage door if required. One can alter the existing roof structure, create a moisture barrier between the flooring and the slab, add windows and door openings, etc. If the foundation needs to be replaced, you can tear down the structure. Visit Pinterest to explore various ADU designs.

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are well aware of ADU rules and regulations in Los Angeles. By following the latest trends, our experts can transform your outdated garage into a stunning and functional one. So, rely on us and continue reading our other blogs.