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Kitchen Cabinet Designs: 5 Styles That You Can’t Ignore!

kitchen cabinate designs
kitchen cabinet designs

Renovations are all about countless decisions, especially for the kitchen! Needless to mention, it’s the heart of your home where you cannot make mistakes while planning a make-over. Yet, better to take time than making decisions in a rush. And when it’s about kitchen cabinet designs, there is so much to think about! Choosing kitchen cabinetry is not only about materials but the style too. Follow our today’s blog and pick the most timeless design for your cabinets.

Timeless kitchen cabinet designs not to miss ever!

Of course, while loving to have refreshments in your kitchen, cabinets are the best option to do so! Trendy kitchen cabinet designs that you often look for on Pinterest may fade away somehow after a couple of years. But not these timeless ones! Here, you can have a look at those:

wall cabinet
wall cabinet

Wall cabinetry!

If you want to give an ultra-contemporary touch to your kitchen design, this one can be the best match you an ever thought of! For the upper wall cabinetry, you can look for shiny cabinet doors with sleek designs. It’s better if you can go for the white that will hold an amazing gloss in your kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets
Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets!

Well, if you find the wall cabinets quite stretchy to access, go for these Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet designs. Even if you have a small space, you can make the best use of your interior walls here. You can find this style on Yelp and observe its shallow space where you have to line up the goods. Yet, it would be easy to find while saving your time!

open shelves
open shelves

What’s about the open shelves?

Yes, this one is on the current trend though the style is timeless! Open shelves have made a comeback in the modern kitchen cabinet designs for both small and large spaces. In the smaller kitchen, you can think of in-storage open shelves by using the walls.

On the other hand, open wooden shelves look aesthetically appealing in larger kitchens. And the best part is that you need not open and close it often for every need. This cabinet style is perfect for people having a morning rush daily! But you can find it dusty sometimes, that’s a drawback!

cabinetry up
cabinetry up

Let’s lift your cabinetry up!

Do you have a narrow kitchen? But do you prefer having the enclosed cabinets? Then, wall cabinetry is a great idea but with a ‘Lift-up’ system, not an ‘Out’ one! It saves you space and from getting you hurt too while opening it. On our Facebook page, you can find many of our clients trying this!

kitchen drawers
kitchen drawers

Have you ever thought of drawers?

Yes, that’s right! Our experts of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. recommend the homeowners picking drawers for the base cabinet designs. Deep drawers hold more space than a wall cabinet. Opening two doors and diving into it is quite challenging for some! All you need is to pull out, and your requirements will be right in front of you!  Now, which one have you picked? If you are on the fix, follow us on Instagram! Here, you can check out our previous projects that may help you ideate about cabinet designs more!

3D Design – Is It Necessary for a Bathroom Remodel?

In the present era, we are facilitating the benefits of modern technology in every aspect of life. Even home improvement projects are not an exception. With the help of a 3D design created by architects, one can upgrade their home according to their wish. Yes, you are right! You need to resort to a 3D design bathroom before remodeling this space. Whatever the type of upgrade, in Los Angeles, most homeowners get it done with the contractor who provides 3D design rendering services. Let’s take a deep dive into it by reading the entire blog.

bathroom remodel 3d design

The Importance of 3D Design in Bathroom Remodel

A 3D model is a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object. The entire process is carried out by special software. It delivers numerous benefits indeed in the field of construction. And to get the most of the investment, people in Los Angeles nowadays prefer the 3D design in terms of home improvement projects. Now, let’s have a look at the significance of a 3D design bathroom.

A 3D Model Can Say a Lot about an Upgraded Bathroom

A 3D model is made with such a technique that makes it look real. It’s a visual representation of a bathroom that you desire to have. The designer will create it according to your words. Not only that but these experts can change it easily as per your requirements. That’s why a 3D design is highly applicable nowadays for remodeling projects. If you visit Yelp, you will find many people in Los Angeles prioritize a 3D design bathroom. 

It Makes the Approval Process Easier

You are definitely aware of the building codes in terms of bathroom remodeling. However, before you get it started, it’s a must to obtain a city permit. And that’s where a 3D model plays a vital role. With the design, you can easily understand whether your remodeling projects are abiding by the rules or not. And this is what will accelerate the approval process. Visit Facebook pages of bathroom remodeling contractors to know more.

Get a Realistic Output

Homeowners have different choices regarding their bathrooms. It means the ideas you choose will vary. So, why not experience a realistic output with the remodeling ideas you want to implement? A 3D design will allow you to visualize your remodeled bathroom. You can take a tour of your new bathroom. One can have an idea about how their bathroom would look after being upgraded. 

Flawless Space Planning

Want to change the layout of your bathroom? Then you must pay close attention to space planning. And that’s where the importance of having a 3d model lies. With a 3D design, you can visualize the layout that you want for your bathroom. Whether you have a small or big bathroom, a 3D floor plan will help you optimize the space. Consequently, you will get an accurate result in return on your investment.

It’s Better to Make a Correction Beforehand

In terms of bathroom remodeling, the chance is high that you may commit mistakes while choosing the design. And after visualizing it through a 3D model, you can determine whether it’s right for this space or not. If not, you can change your plan and examine it through the 3D design. The professionals will rectify the mistake and will deliver you the representation of the final design. Visit Pinterest to have a clear idea about it.

Bottom Line

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, specialize in creating a 3D design bathroom. Our team of architects works diligently to meet clients’ requirements. We are aware of the latest bathroom remodeling ideas popular in Los Angeles. Read our other blogs for further information.

3D Rendering Interior Design – Why It’s Prioritized for Home Remodeling?

Nowadays, the advancement of technology benefits people a lot from all aspects. It’s even not an exception in terms of a construction project. Whether you want to remodel or build a custom home, a 3D design plays a pivotal role in giving you an accurate result. It’s nothing but a mathematical representation of a 3D dimensional object. In Los Angeles, when it comes to remodeling a home, most people prioritize the 3D design before starting the work.

3d rendering interior design

Therefore, if you are planning to remodel your home, resort to a general contractor who has extensive knowledge about 3d rendering interior design. But before that, know about its importance in home remodeling.

Importance of 3D Rendering Interior Design for Home Remodeling

A 3D design has become one of the most vital parts of a home remodeling project. Hence, most general contractors nowadays prioritize it a lot before starting their work. Now, let’s know about the importance of it.

Get a Realistic Output

When it comes to remodeling a home, different homeowners have different choices. It means the design varies. Have you chosen the design for your home improvement project? If so, the time has come to get a realistic output of it with a 3D model. With the help of the 3D modeling technique, designers will shape the 3D architectural design according to the design you choose. It means you can visualize your home. Visit Yelp to know more about it.

A 3D Design Speaks a Lot about Remodeling Project

With the advancement of technology, a 3D design looks real. It’s nothing but a visual representation of your dream home. The designers design it according to your requirements and wishes. After getting a 3D model, you can easily understand how your remodeled home will look like. It will allow you to imagine yourself in your rejuvenated home. If you visit Facebook, you will come to know that it’s highly applicable for remodeling projects in Los Angeles.

3d rendering

Makes Approval Easier

In Los Angeles, remodeling a home means the project needs to abide by building codes. It must follow the rules and regulations in your area. Otherwise, your project may come to a halt and you will be penalized with a high amount. But don’t worry! A 3D model can help you in this regard. Getting a 3D design means you have a representation of your home, which proves whether it meets building codes or not. And this is what will speed up the approval process. 

Rectifies Mistakes

Remodeling a home is a daunting task. From demolishing walls to implementing design, it requires expertise to do flawlessly. Nevertheless, mistakes may take place while planning. But after getting a 3D design, you will have a representation of the final outcome. It means, if there are any mistakes, you and your contractor can easily determine them. Therefore, in terms of remodeling a home, opt for 3D interior and exterior rendering. And get the best return on your investment.

Eliminate Hassles

As mentioned earlier, remodeling a home is not as easy as it seems. It requires considerable considerations. But a 3D rendering interior design can make this task a lot easier. It will allow you to get an error-free 3D model of your home. And this is what leads contractors to complete the task without any hassles. They can even finish the project within the deadline. You can follow Instagram pages of home remodeling contractors to witness the 3D designs they create.

Now, let’s have a look at a few crucial things that you must consider for appoint such a general contractor.

3D interior design

What to Look for When Choosing a General Contractor

  • The general contractor you choose must have a license and insurance.
  • Make sure the contractor you hire has been many years in this industry.
  • To examine their professionalism, you must consult with their previous clients. You can also visit Pinterest to witness their expertise.
  • Apart from a 3D rendering interior design, ensure the general contractor takes all the responsibilities of obtaining a city permit.

Bottom Line

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc has always been popular for 3D rendering interior design. We have a team of designers who will create a 3D model according to your wish. Our experts are available in the greater Los Angeles area. Continue reading our blogs to know more!

3D Interior and Exterior Rendering – Why it’s Important in Architecture?

Whether you build or remodel a home, architectural design is one of the most crucial parts of this construction process. But those days are gone when you got a sketch on a paper of an architectural design. Now, the time has come to get a 3D model in hand and visualize the outcome. In Los Angeles, when it comes to starting a construction project, most people prefer 3D interior and exterior rendering to get a flawless outcome. It truly plays an important role in architecture.

3D Interior and Exterior Rendering Architecture

So, before investing your hard-earned money, appoint a contractor who provides 3D design and rendering services. But before that, learn why it’s important in architecture by reading the entire blog.

The Importance of 3D Interior and Exterior Rendering in Architecture

Check out the following points before you start a construction project.

Gives a House Model According to Your Idea

3D interior and exterior rendering can introduce all aspects of a home. From the layout to design, a 3D model will allow you to conceptualize everything about your upcoming home. It means the idea that was in your mind will be implemented in a full-fledged model. And you can witness this by taking it in your hand. With architectural 3D rendering, you will have a clear idea about what your newly built or upgraded home will eventually turn out. If you visit Yelp, you will come to know that most contractors in Los Angeles prioritize 3D designs in construction projects.

Increased Accuracy in Planning

If you want to remodel your home, you will definitely wish to know about the final product. You want to verify whether it meets space and layout specifications or not. In this regard, you need a 3D model after planning the architectural design of your home. It will allow you to formulate a plan. Instead of relying on multiple pages with a cumbersome 2D plan, you will get a house model. And this is what can give you a clear idea about what your home would look like. It will give you precise detail about your home, which leads to an efficient plan for construction.

3D Interior and Exterior Rendering

Keeps All Stakeholders on the Same Idea

Building or remodeling a home is not limited to the internal and external design of an architect. It involves designers, engineers who will bring life to your home. And with 3D design rendering services, each professional needs to work simultaneously on the same design. And they have to deliver the result within the stipulated time. Hence, it’s prudent to deal with 3D building companies that have a team of designers and architectures.

Identify Flaws

3D interior and exterior rendering help identify and rectify design mistakes. It will help catch possible mishaps before they happen. In terms of a 2D design, some aspects of your home design can be difficult to conceptualize. But a 3D model can provide you with a complete view of both the internal and external space of your house. Visit Pinterest to witness how it looks. 

However, it means, if there are any flaws in the design, you can easily figure these out. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that everything will go on the right track. And you will get peace of mind in return for your investment. 

Save Both Money and Time

A 3D model makes it easy for architects to share designs with their clients. And after scrutinizing the 3D model, you can easily identify if there are any flaws. And this is what will save your time and time.

interior and exterior rendering


If you want to change the design when the project is underway, it may increase the overall cost. And it can be time-consuming for the contractors to complete the project starting again with the new design. Visit Facebook pages to know more in this regard.

Ideal for Marketing

With 3D interior and exterior rendering, architects can show their expertise. If you follow Instagram pages of the contractors in Los Angeles, you will find 3D models of the projects they have handled till now. A 3D design will let people view the creativity, talent, and passion of an architect. Hence, 3D architectural design can also be considered a great marketing tool.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc has achieved immense fame for 3D interior and exterior rendering services. We always prioritize our clients’ desires. With a 3D model, our experts aim to design a flawless home. So, call us if you need our help.

Smart Strategies to Find One of the Best 3D Home Building Companies

There is no denying that a 3D model plays a pivotal role in construction projects. Whether you build a new property or renovate your house, a 3D design will allow you to visualize the outcome beforehand. That’s why most people in Los Angeles prefer hiring 3D home building companies for constructing their houses.

3d home building

Are you dreaming of having a luxurious home? And you have already started planning! Then it’s wise to deliver this gigantic responsibility to a 3D home building company. And in this blog, we have highlighted a few smart strategies by which you can easily find such a company in this city. So, look at the following lines first before you proceed.

How to Find a Reliable 3D Home Building Company

Building a home is the big investment you will ever make. Therefore, don’t you think it’s prudent to verify the result of your construction project in advance? After all, you are investing a massive amount of money! Hence, to achieve a great return on your investment, entrust this task to one of the best 3D home building companies.

Ask for Recommendations

Have you friends or relatives recently built home by a 3D home building company? Contact them first to get recommendations. Ask about their working experience with these companies. And create a list. Besides, you can also conduct thorough research on the internet to find such companies within your proximity. In this regard, Yelp will be the best platform to find a reliable company in Los Angeles.

Check 3D Models They Create

Now, start narrowing down your list by checking their 3D models first. A 3D model should clearly define everything of a newly built home. It will help you conceptualize the result of your project. Hence, to verify their expertise, visit gallery pages of home building companies in Los Angeles. Besides, visiting Pinterest can also be the right option.

3d home Design

Get Multiple Bids

Cost is one of the most vital aspects of building a home. A reliable home builder in Los Angeles will never charge you extra. Nevertheless, it’s prudent to obtain multiple bids from different companies. Compare their service charge and choose the one that can fulfill all your requirements within your budget. But make sure you understand their pricing structure.

Consider Their Strength of Staff

Make sure you hire a 3D home building company that has a team of qualified architects. It actually indicates the reliability of a company. These professionals will listen to your wishes and create a 3D model of your home that suits your requirements.  They will also suggest the ideas that work best in your house.

Count on Experience

Experience also matters in terms of choosing one of the best 3D home building companies in Los Angeles. However, while interviewing the companies, ask how long they have been in this industry. Remember, an experienced company can fulfill all your expectations within your determined budget. They are sustaining in this industry for years by offering quality services. So, visit Facebook and find a list of experienced companies.

3d home building company

Whether They Provide City Permit Service or Not

In Los Angeles, obtaining a city permit is a big hassle. Prior to that, you must be aware of the building codes in this city. Most importantly, your construction project should meet all the rules and regulations. Sound confusing? Don’t worry! A trusted 3D home building company will take all these responsibilities. Hence, before choosing the one, ensure they offer city permit service.

Ask for References

Before finalizing your deal with a 3D home building company, don’t forget to ask for references from their previous clients. It’s truly a smart way to gauge their professionalism. Their feedback will help you understand the quality of their customer service. Well, a trusted company never hesitate to provide their clients’ references. If it’s not, this can be a red flag. And you should continue your search.

These tips can help you find one of the best 3D home building companies in Los Angeles. But you can rely on MDM Custom Remodeling Inc without any hesitation. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced architects who are truly competent in creating 3D models. So, wait no more! Fix your appointment with us!

Top 8 Unique Architectural House Plans Famous in Los Angeles

Are you ready to invest in building your dream home in Los Angeles? Well, to get the expected outcome, it requires a lot of considerations. And one of the most important thing among them is the architectural house plan. With the right architectural design, you can have a functional as well as luxurious home. But make sure you hire a reliable architect. They offer unique architectural house plans that will fulfil all your requirements in your house.

unique architectural house plans

Want to explore the house plans they offer? Then read the entire blog!

Unique Architectural House Plans Offered by Reliable Architects

The architectural house plan is the representation of the structure of a home. Aside from functionality, it emphasizes the practicality and endurance of a home. It also pays attention to the aesthetic beauty of a house. Now, go through the following lines to read the unique architectural house plans popular in Los Angeles

1. Three Bedroom with an Open Kitchen

This house plan will give three bedrooms on one level. And a fireplace can add a warm ambience. You can add decorative beams to make the small floor plan feel bigger. In terms of the bathroom, add a double sink and a modern shower.

2. Modern Farmhouse with a Back Porch

In this home design, you will facilitate a bunk room that you can use as an office room. A stylish barn door will give you extra privacy. The open floor plan created by the architect will flow beautifully from the living room to the kitchen island. And in your kitchen, a snack bar can become your hangout zone. The sleek metal roof in this house plan can increase the curb appeal to the exterior.

Architectural House Plans Los Angeles

3. One-Storey House with an In-Law Suite

Small house plans don’t usually involve an in-law suite. But in Los Angeles, you will find many architects who try this idea. However, this space includes a private bathroom and a beautiful sitting area. And the open floor plan makes it easy to hang out with family. You can visit Facebook to explore more house plans like this.

4. Retirement House Plan with a Garage

Are you looking for a retirement house plan? Well, this remarkable home plan suits you beautifully. It involves a four-car garage. Besides, this house plan offers a rooftop deck. It can be a charming place where you can relax during sunny days. On Yelp, you will find many house plans in this regard.

5. Small House with a Wraparound Porch

It’s one of the most unique architectural designs famous in Los Angeles. However, a wraparound porch can give a house an instant curb appeal. Choosing this house plan is the best option to show off the modern farmhouse style with a metal roof accent. Inside the house, the open floor plan makes it excellent to use the square footage. And the master suite will allow you to relax. In this house plan, two bedrooms occupy the second level.

6. A House Plan with Tons of Storage

This budget-friendly house plan can give your home an impressive curb appeal. In inside, the open layout features a kitchen island. In the master suite, you can keep a big walk-in closet. And in this house plan, a garage is involved for extra storage. but before implementing this plan, it’s wise to research the latest home design trends.

Los Angeles Architectural House Plans

7. A Modern House on a Small Lot

In this house plan, you don’t have a big piece of land to enjoy the space. But architectures can tactfully include a big kitchen in this plan so that you will have a space to cook and hang out. On the second storey, they plan for a luxurious bathroom that includes a shower enclosure. The other room on this floor can become a home office.

8. Cottage House Plan

Are you dreaming of living in a cottage house? If so, this adorable house plan will be the best option for you. It includes one bedroom, a large garage, and covered a patio. The open floor plan will emphasize the kitchen. And the living room will give you a more traditional feeling. There will be a bay window in the dining space, which will allow the natural light to enter. Visit Pinterest to understand this house plan accurately.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc offers these unique architectural house plans. We have a team of qualified architects who will make the house plan after listening to your desires. Our experts are available in the greater Los Angeles area. So, contact us if you need our help.

The Importance of Having A 3D Floor Plan Before A Home Remodel

Effective space planning is important when renovating or extending your home. It is a crucial element of interior design that helps turn a house into a home. With proper space planning, you can make your home more inviting and comfortable. It can also help you increase the resale value of your home.

3D Floor Plan

But how do you ensure that all the details of your home’s interior are accurate? Here’s where the role of 3D house floor plans comes into play. A 3D floor plan allows you to visualize the final product even before the remodeling work has begun. It takes the guesswork out of the remodeling process.

In this blog, we will discuss why it is so important to create a 3D house floor plan design during a home renovation. We will also discuss everything you need to know about 3D floor plans. So, let’s get started.

What is A 3D Floor Plan?

Have you ever seen images that present a view of a house from the top on social media platforms like Facebook? These are called house layouts. A 3D floor plan is actually a type of diagram that shows the layout of a home in 3D. It helps better convey an architectural plan and represents the architectural layout of a house more realistically than 2D floor plans.

3D house floor plans are drawn to scale and usually include floors, walls, windows, doorways, and other features. However, 3D plans do not include ceilings. It is to prevent the view from getting obstructed.

3D floor plans help one clearly understand how different elements are arranged within each room. It gives a person a better idea of the dimensions and the connection between spaces. You will get an insight into what your remodeled home will look like once the project is finished.

You can visit the Gallery page on our website to go through the 3D plans that we have created for our clients in Los Angeles. It will help you understand how 3D floor plans exactly look like.

3D Floor Plan Design Service

Importance of Creating A 3D Floor Plan When Remodeling Your House

Standard floor plans are no doubt important when it comes to renovating or extending a home. But with a 3D floor plan, it is now possible to get a more detailed view of the house you are renovating. It can make it a lot easier for you to plan the entire remodeling process.

Below, we have put together the main reasons why getting a 3D house floor plan is important before a home remodel.

  • See Your Space Clearly

With 3D floor plans, you can easily see the volume and amount of space within each room in your house. It will help you plan how you will arrange your furniture and appliances in all rooms.

  • Easy-to-understand

Many people have difficulty reading 2D floor plans. But there is no such issue with 3D plans. They are usually very easy to understand. This is because these plans are much closer to real life. You can view 3D plans on websites like Pinterest to know how easy it is to understand a 3D floor plan.

  • Better Understanding of Relationships Between Rooms

One of the best things about 3D house floor plans is that they help get a better understanding of the relationships between each room in your house. It clearly shows entry doors, the location of windows, and other important elements in the room.

  • High Accuracy

Photos and descriptions may not help you get an accurate understanding of the house layout. With a 3D floor plan, you can get a more definitive understanding of your home’s layout.

So, not getting a 3D plan when renovating your home is definitely a home renovation mistake you want to avoid.

3D Design

How to Choose The Right 3D Floor Plan Design Service?

Most of the established and reputed general contractors in Los Angeles offer 3D floor plan design services.

However, here are some tips that can help you find the best 3D house plan design service in your area:

  • Read client reviews on Yelp and other websites before choosing a company.
  • Check how long the company has been in the business.
  • Look through their previous projects on their official website.
  • Choose a remodeling company that offers competitive quotes.

Bottom Line

Looking to work with highly skilled and experienced designers and remodeling contractors in Los Angeles? Then you can contact MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. We can provide you with a 3D floor plan that suits your needs. Please read our other blogs for more advice regarding home renovations.

Using a 3D Design Is the Right Option for Home Remodeling: Is It True?

3D design for home remodeling

Home remodeling can be exciting for homeowners. But it’s also scary. What will happen if you don’t get the expected result in return for your investment? Re-dos are expensive! Hence, to obtain the accurate outcome of home remodeling, having a 3D design is the right option before starting this project.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your home, ask your contractor to create a 3D design for home remodeling first. It can help you determine the potential problems before the construction begins. Now, go through the entire blog to learn why 3D design is the right option for home remodeling.

Why Obtain 3D Design before Remodeling a Home?

3D rendering techniques will empower you with a stronger visualization of your living space. It provides fine-tune measurements of this construction project and makes the entire process easier and smoother. Continue reading to know more.

Accurate Space Planning

If you are planning to remodel your home, you will want to know the final product. It must meet the space and layout specifications. And that’s where the importance of having a 3D design for home remodeling lies. Whether you have a small or big home, optimizing the space through smart planning will give you an accurate result. Well, 3D design can help in this regard.

3D designs and rendering

It’s nothing but a physical model that will allow you to visualize the space after being remodeled. It will give you a clear view that brings all your home remodeling ideas together in one place.

Eliminates Home remodeling Mistakes

Remodeling a home requires a lot of considerations. And in this home improvement project, any small mistakes can change the entire result. Hence, when it comes to remodeling a home, take each step accurately. And that’s where a 3D model plays a pivotal role. It shows a clear visualization of how the selected design would look. It means, after getting the 3D design, you can easily determine what needs to be eliminated.

The 3D design will also help to take the precise measurement so that one can assess each part of the construction. As a result, this level of precision will give an accurate outcome of home remodeling.

Improved Communication between Contractor and Homeowner

Good communication and relationship between a client and contractor is key to a successful home improvement project. And 3D design plays an active role in this regard. It vastly improves the communication between a contractor and a client. After creating a 3D design, reliable contractors always consult with their clients while visualizing it.

They discuss potential problems and create better ideas that will holistically impact the result. Hence, having a 3D design is a must for today’s home remodeling project. Visit Yelp to find a reliable contractor who provides a 3D model before starting their work.

Home Remodeling 3D Design

Easy to Approve

In terms of home remodeling, 3D design can speed up the approval procedure. If you can show what your home will physically look like, it will be easier for people to approve. A 3D model can represent the proposed remodel better than a 2D measurement. With its help, one can precisely see the height, width, length, and overall size of a home. But if you rely on 2D sketches, you will not able to see the accurate final design.

Therefore, choose a contractor to visualize your plan by availing 3D design.

Increased Efficiency

As stated earlier, 3D design results in transparent communication between the home builder, design team, and the client. Consequently, all suggestions can be implemented in the right way. It will allow all concerned parties to see all the changes of this project and adjust accordingly. And this is what will eventually reduce the time of the designers to edit and produce the design drafts.

It means your project will go forward efficiently. And the chance is high the contractor will remodel your home within the deadline.

Well, these are the reasons why you should obtain a 3D design for home remodeling. And that’s where MDM Custom Remodeling Inc has earned a solid reputation. We are one of the most renowned home remodeling companies in Los Angeles.

Whether you want to remodel or extend your home, we provide accurate 3D design to our clients. Visit our photo gallery to witness some of our work samples.

Kitchen Remodeling Solutions – 6 Effective Strategies to Reduce Its Cost

Are you planning to give your kitchen a modern appearance? But your budget is limited! Don’t worry! In this blog, we have brought out a few affordable kitchen remodeling solutions that can revamp the look of your cooking space. Therefore, if you have started planning for kitchen remodeling, it’s highly advisable to take a look at the following lines first.

Ways to Minimize the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

Go through the following tips attentively before you hire a kitchen remodeling contractor.

1. Refresh Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing the entire cabinets in your kitchen can be expensive. So, why not get these refaced? This approach can change the overall look of your kitchen. And you can achieve more good results by getting them repainted. But choose the color that suits your kitchen interior.

2.Turn a Table into a Kitchen Island

Installing a new kitchen island can hurt your wallet. And it requires additional permits and codes. So, now, it’s time to think outside the box. You can convert a table into a kitchen island according to your requirements. It will save you cost to a great extent, and you can fulfill your needs with it.

3. Incorporate Track Lighting

To cut the cost of a kitchen remodeling, it’s better to go for track lighting. It comes in numerous styles, shapes, and finishes. And these are what you can explore by visiting Yelp.

Kitchen Remodeling Solution

4. Stick to Existing Kitchen layout

Changing the kitchen layout will raise the budget for kitchen remodeling. But if you are happy with the existing kitchen layout, why change it? Otherwise, you have to bear the expense of moving plumbing for the refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, etc.

5. Go for Cut out Instead of Removing a Wall

Removing a wall can open the kitchen space. But in this respect, one needs to consider a lot of factors. Hence, it’s better to go for a cut-out. Apart from opening the room, this approach will provide extra counter space and an additional seating area.

6. Choose Open Shelving

Open shelving can save you thousands of bucks. This cost-effective option is truly efficient for storage. It can create interest in a cooking space by displaying the stored items.

So, follow these strategies and cut the cost of kitchen remodeling. And that’s where we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, help our clients. We are a Los Angeles-based licensed and insured company offering this service at a competitive rate. So, call us immediately!

Home Improvement – Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas This Year!!

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as you prepare for Valentine’s Day is, ‘What gift to get my love?’ Grabbing a box of chocolates and a bunch of red roses will be cliché. And the ugly truth is – those will be in the dustbin within a few days. Won’t you prefer making an investment that lasts ‘forever’ or at least for several years to come? Why don’t you plan for home improvement gifts for your sweetheart? This gift for Valentine’s Day will be super beneficial for your babe and for yourself too.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas This Year
Considering the best gift for Valentine’s Day, here are some home improvement ideas to consider:

Upgrades in Your Bathroom

Oooh! Which couple doesn’t enjoy having showers together from time to time? If you make the right shower upgrades, such smart investments will pay you off on valentine’s day and over time. Thus, it’s a financially and personally beneficial investment for a couple.

Upgrades in Your Bathroom
Here are some upgrades that will be super impressive:

  • What do you think about the programmable thermostat? It will help in maintaining the right temperature.
  • You can opt for the Low-flow showerheads. These will cut down water use though this will offer the same water pressure.
  • Try steam shower options such as vapor and steam generator so you can get your babe that extra luxury!
  • Opt for additional showerheads as that will increase the water flow when you are taking a shower with your partner.
  • You can install Shower benches for relaxing the hot shower together.

Yes, you might think that some of these ideas are easy DIY projects that you can fix on the weekends. But in that way, you will miss the Midas’ touch. So everything looks perfect and gorgeous, consulting the experts will be necessary. Even when it is about setting up the steam showers and additional shower heads, hiring experts will be the best idea.

Well, these add-ons are the least you can do. However, that will make a huge difference. However, if you want to bring a radical change in your existing bathroom, none can help you as beneficially as the professional home remodeling contractors. Talk to them if you have an entire bathroom remodeling plan in your head.

Invest In an Intimate Bedroom

Now, that sounds pretty romantic!! On Valentines’ day, love and romance will be in the air. At this point, things will feel boring if your bedroom looks the same. The bedroom is the most intimate place for a couple. But, remodeling it will be the best idea since giving this space a head-turning makeover will be another long-term investment for Valentine’s Day.

Invest In an Intimate Bedroom

  • Valentine’s Day inspired wall paints for bedroom – The home remodeling contractors can help you get your bedroom a gorgeous repaint. This year, try to think beyond pink though it is a valentine-inspired shade. Pink is a signature color on V-Day because it is romantic and feminine.  However, while pink is a more girly color purple stands for womanhood. It is a more vibrant, and bold color.

Colors For Valentine's Day
You can choose from evocative colors such as teal, red, lavender, sapphire blue, emerald green, royal blue, royal purple, etc. Also, you can go for tangerine, cranberry, grape, burnt orange, subdued yellow, forest green. Some pastel shades will be great too. Consult the experts as they can help you choose the right color palate.

  • Lighting that will set the mood – By the way, changing the regular lights will be a smart move. Remodeling experts will suggest you pick the right lighting options that will add a romantic twist. The expert’s idea will turn your regular bedroom into a love nestle. For lighting, you can install dimmers. Another option that is even more exciting comes next.
  • Warm-up the ambiance with fire – If you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, it can be a fascinating addition; for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. On that special night don’t forget to light up some candles too. Thus, you will be all set for a lovely date.

Light and Fireplace For Valentine's Day
Expand Your Closet

Short space and storage is a big problem. Do you and your partner often struggle to place things in a small closet? Whether it is about keeping your personal-care products or it is your clothes, a small space can be a big problem. However, home remodeling contractors can eliminate this problem. Expanding the storage will be another home improvement gift that will benefit you.